Nearly A billion!

PUBLISHED: 6:54 PM 21 May 2018

Trump Administration Cuts Nearly Double Obama-Era Regulations As Promised

Trump has slashed double his goals of a two-for-one deregulatory-to-regulatory ratio and saved $686.6 million in net savings.

Trump is undoing Obama's legacy day by day.

President Donald Trump has shocked just about everyone with his “unprecedented” rate of slashing Obama-era regulations, beating his initial goal of cutting two for every one new rule, according to the Washington Examiner.

Simply speaking, the Trump administration is literally killing it — and they have saved the country $686.6 million in net savings so far. By slashing so many Obama-era regulations, the Trump administration will save the country more than $1 billion in net savings by the end of his first term in office.

A new report from American Action Forum states that the administration is making historic gains in the deregulatory process, freeing up more capital and loosening economically stringent measures that stifled growth.

When Trump was on the campaign trail, he vowed to voters to remove the red tape former President Barack Obama imposed, which had stunted economic growth.

After less than two years in office, Trump has greatly exceeded expectations and freed up nearly one billion dollars for the country.

Trump promised to cut two regulations for every new one that is imposed. The report reveals that the ratio has actually been 3.75 to 1, resulting in an unprecedented decline in regulations.

The liberal media has largely refused to cover Trump’s enormous progress because they would have to give the president credit and admit he’s taking a sledgehammer to Obama’s legacy, both of which they despise.

Liberals are so determined to resist and oppose Trump, they won’t report to Americans that Trump is on pace to save the country one billion dollars before his first term is up. Imagine the net savings the country will have after his second term in office.

The Department of Labor and Department of Health and Human Services have led the charge in Trump’s quest to slash as many regulations as possible.

Government research and data from outside, independent groups show that cutting regulations has been one of the biggest factors in igniting economic growth and investment in the United States.

Cutting red tape has resulted in the booming economy, more than five millions jobs created, and the markets hitting historic levels.

As historic as the Trump administrations efforts have been, experts say slashing even more Obama-era regulations will continue to open up more opportunities to accelerate U.S. growth.

Undoing Obama’s disastrous legacy has been a big player in growing the economy, creating jobs, and working for more investments in American companies and workers.

More importantly, it has been less than two years since Trump took office. Imagine his successes in two, four, or even six years from now.