Trump Text Outrage

PUBLISHED: 9:55 PM 9 Oct 2018
UPDATED: 9:57 PM 9 Oct 2018

‘Triggered’ New Yorkers Suing Trump Over FEMA Presidential Alert

Upset with the current commander in chief, the plaintiffs claimed that Presidential Alerts violate the first and fourteenth amendment.

President Trump's policies are working, creating a job boom that is breaking records, yet again.

President Donald Trump has done it again: offended liberals to the point that they have resorted to yet another outburst, most recently in the form of a lawsuit. The recent tantrum followed President Trump sending out a Presidential Alert via text to test an emergency alert system.

Appalled by the fact that the President could possibly ‘text’ them, a group of New Yorkers filed a lawsuit carrying such little weight that the plaintiffs resorted to claiming Constitution infringements as a ‘backup’ argument. While this is not atypical from the left, the recent behavior has many demanding just how sensitive liberals truly are that they would resort to such a low, even for them.

Last Wednesday, President Trump sent out a ‘test’ alert through the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System under the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA.

The alerts are similar to that of an Amber Alert or those notifying cell phone users of severe weather conditions, and, unlike promotional messages, cannot be opted out of, which has many on the left enraged.

The three plaintiffs, Jason B. Nicholas, Kristine Rakowsky, and Liane Nikitovich all reside in New York, received the alert last week, and are suing the president as well as FEMA Administrator William ‘Brock’ Long.

In the suit, they claim that President Trump’s “rise to power was facilitated by weaponized disinformation that he broadcast into the public information sphere via Twitter in addition to traditional mass media” and that he is likely to ‘abuse’ the communication tool.

Of course, President Trump did not invent the Presidential Alert system any more than his Twitter posts rigged the election, as it was developed by former President George W. Bush and also approved by former President Barack Obama.

While neither of President Trump’s predecessors ever used the technology, he did for the first time on October 3. Some criticized him doing so without there being an emergency, yet many Americans reportedly did not receive the alert, indicating that a test may have been necessary.

Yet just how many on the intolerant left have claimed that President Trump is ‘not their president,’ the plaintiffs claimed in the lawsuit that they “do not wish to receive text messages, or messages of any kind, on any topic or subject, from defendant Trump.”

They further indicated believing that Trump will use Presidential Alerts to spread ‘fake news’ based on the claim that the term ‘emergency’ is broadly defined per the commander in chief’s ability to send a message alerting the people of one.

Then, there is, of course, the fact that liberals are often afraid to use the term ‘terrorism’ out of fear of being racist, as the plaintiffs expressed in claiming that President Trump will refer to “just about anything an ‘act of terrorism.’”

While the aforementioned arguments are ridiculous enough, the lawsuit gets even worse:

The plaintiffs argued that in not being able to opt out of the alerts, their first and fourteenth amendments have been infringed upon.

The free speech claim is hypocritical considering that the ‘triggered’ plaintiffs appear to be behind the suit due to their intolerances with the current president’s views in now claiming the alert to be “government-mandated listening.”

Yet the logic behind the fourteenth amendment claim, is, according to conservative opinion, downright silly in attempting to argue that “the text messages constitute an unreasonable ‘seizure’ of their cell phones.”

Again, this pertains to the ‘vagueness’ of the parameters surrounding the usage of the alert system which has been of concern to civil rights organizations even when Obama was in office.

Yet the Constitutional claim was not of grave importance until President Trump was elected into office and used it.

Despite democrats fighting for increased government, one of the plaintiffs, Rakowsky, a ‘public breastfeeding advocate,’ claimed that “the alert system “is a hallmark of a Totalitarian state.”

While this could be argued if President Trump was sending out message after message with indoctrination attempts, so far, he has only sent one. As mentioned before, it did not reach all American cell phone owners either immediately or at all, a problematic glitch if any president ordered FEMA to send such a message.

Yet conservatives see on a near daily basis that Trump-hating leftists behave as if he was elected into office for life. Of course, such is not the case, yet President Trump promised to make lasting changes in bettering the country.

The recent lawsuit and other leftist complaints about ‘Trump texting them’ beg the question, are liberals so intolerant that they do not want to receive national emergency alerts just because they do not agree with the current elected official’s politics or personality?

Apparently yes, seen in the subsequently dramatic lawsuit. Unfortunately for them, however, President Donald Trump is their current president, and like it or not, a politician of such title retains the right to test and, if necessary, use such an alert system if he deems fit.