Toxic Twins, Murder Trial Begins

PUBLISHED: 12:59 AM 31 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 1:00 AM 31 Jan 2018

Trial Begins In Twin Sister Killing, Yoga Doesn’t Help Rage

This is a horrific story of one woman’s death at the hands of her sister.

If yoga brings peace, it seems to have failed the two sisters.

When people think of road rage, they tend to think of issues involving more than one vehicle. While that is certainly what gets most of the news, the fact is that battles inside of the same car can also result in death, as one Yoga teacher is showing everyone.

If this ancient art is to bring peace, it seems to have failed Alexandria Duval, 39, and her sister. As Fox News confirms, she is “accused of deliberately driving off a cliff in Hawaii and killing her twin sister in 2016 after a hair-pulling brawl.” The frustration and rage grew so out of control that the unthinkable happened, and now the courts are trying to find out just how it did.

Alexandria “was charged with second-degree murder in the death of” her twin, Anastasia Duval, who was 37 at the time of her demise on May 29, 2016.

It was the accused who was driving on that fateful May day, with her sister in the passenger’s seat. Maui resident Chad Smith said in court that he saw the ladies passing him on the highway “in a heated discussion.”

Others testified to seeing and hearing quite a commotion as the passenger was “pulling at the driver’s hair and the steering wheel.” Regardless of how this ends, it seems that neither sister is 100% innocent in this most dreadful of tragedies, a fact noted by In Touch Weekly.

Beyond that, “blond hair as found on Anastasia’s hands following the crash,” according to ABC News. All signs show that this was a full-blown melee happening as the vehicle was in motion!

Eyewitnesses then saw the vehicle “accelerate forward and then take a sharp left,” hit a rock wall and then take a 200-foot plunge over a cliff. The car’s data shows that no attempt was made to stop by the driver, which is what is leading the surviving sister into the courtroom on murder charges.

Major head trauma was found to have been what killed her twin sister.

Alexandria Duval was let go when questions first arose about the death, but she was arrested in upstate New York “months later in Albany after a grand jury indicted her.” Rather than having a jury decide her fate, the alleged killer chose to have a judge try her case. This week, the verdict is expected.

The two sisters ran a Yoga studio which was quite popular in Florida. The duo wanted to be reality tv stars but that dream crashed and they were left 300,000 in debt because of it.

In Utah, the sisters opened yet another Yoga studio, changed their names, and still managed to rack up a few charges, including drunk driving.

In 2015, the two went to Hawaii “on a religious quest” and this lead to even more charges and arrests for “disorderly conduct and terroristic threatening.” So much for finding God and peace.

Federico Bailey, Anastasia’s boyfriend, said that the siblings were fighting about a camping trip that was being planned. “Her behavior was odd,” he said of his girlfriend. “The day before I could tell something was seriously bothering her because her hand was shaking nervously and normally she is very confident and never shakes.”

He added, “When I tried asking her what was wrong, she blew up on me and made me feel stupid for asking her what was wrong.” Now she faces second-degree murder charges and could spend the rest of her life behind bars.

Did this sister purposefully kill her twin and/or attempt to kill herself too, or did she simply panic as the attack was happening, paying no attention to the gravity of the driving situation?

Is it possible that the fight was all that she was concerned about, lost in fury and rage?

A judge has to decide all of this, and while that is being done, we all could learn a very stark lesson about road rage in this case. Particularly that the menace can come from within our own car.

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