PUBLISHED: 4:44 PM 19 Dec 2016

Treason: Republican Snake In Senate Demands Retaliation, U.S. To Fire Upon Russia Immediately

The So-Called Gang of 8 Continue to Betray Americans

The So-Called Gang of 8 Continue to Betray Americans

The So-Called Gang of 8 Continue to Betray Americans

When President Trump talks about imposing term limits on members of Congress, he surely has people like Lindsey Graham in mind.

The Senator from South Carolina has been a fly in the ointment for traditional conservatives since the early 2000s when he became one of George W. Bush’s team of vocal neocons.

During the Obama presidency, Graham’s most notable accomplishments have been advocating for war against Iran, and inviting unlimited illegal immigration into the United States.

It appears that his thirst for war has not been slaked, despite the nearly continuous missions that Obama has been running in the Middle East. Graham’s new target is Russia.

Along with John McCain and Mitch McConnell – known as RINOs to many – the Senator seems to be hellbent on war no matter what he has to do to get it. A closer look into the ties these three maintain with the defense industry would probably be extremely revealing.

Graham and McCain Have Been Conspiring Against The American Taxpayer for Years

Graham and McCain Have Been Conspiring Against The American Taxpayer for Years

Their latest angle is to jump on the “Blame Russia” bandwagon that the Democrats have been parading through town. According to the legacy media, there is a vast conspiracy that involves Trump, Pence, and Putin plotting to take over the world through secret real estate deals. All they have to do is convince millions of otherwise reasonable Americans that Vladimir Putin hacked into our voting system and changed the votes to Trump – which is completely false.

In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Graham admitted that he himself never used email, indicating that he doesn’t want any paper trail during his time in government that would make him accountable to voters.

Graham claims that he was told by the FBI that his campaign’s server was hacked over the summer. Unfortunately his claims are totally unverifiable because he is extremely vague, and Blitzer never presses him with follow up.

He goes on to say “They’re trying to destabilize democracy all over the world. We should tell the Russians, in uncertain terms, you interfered in our elections, we don’t care why. We’re going to hit you and hit you hard.

When it comes to the nuances of computer hacking, it’s probably not a good idea to put much faith in a guy who said in the same interview “I’ve never sent an e-mail. And I’m not about to start now.”

Based on that statement, I’m pretty sure my mother has a better understanding of computers than the Senator does.

Graham’s statements to the press are absolutely irresponsible, tantamount to a declaration of war from a leading Senator. You would think that career politicians would be better trained at muzzling themselves when it comes to making threats that could spark nuclear Armageddon.

As one of the leading warhawks in the U.S. Senate, one can see how a statement like this would be pretty provocative toward a leader like Putin.

The big problem is, there is no evidence of this hacking, and even the Obama-appointed Secretary of State isn’t putting much faith in the rumors about Russia.

But never mind all that, Graham wants us to trigger World War Three by “punishing” Russia for something that it’s questionable whether they actually did.

Cooler heads have prevailed and many good people in government have pointed out that there is no strong evidence against Russia. President Trump has taken a lot of heat for his firm stance on the matter. In Trump’s opinion this is much ado about nothing – just another in a long string of attempts to derail his momentum. He believes Julian Assange’s word that the emails were leaked by an insider, not hacked.

By using the allegations of Russian hacking, the sore losers in Obama’s government, including those in the highly-politicized CIA, can tarnish Trump’s reputation before he steps foot in office. They hope to raise enough question about the legitimacy of the vote that Trump’s mandate will be diminished. Their biggest fear, like all professional thieves, is that they’ve been found out, and the new sheriff in town is about to take away their sweet little scam.

So how did we get such limp-wristed neocon warhawks as Lindsey Graham and his pal McConnell in a position where they can make so many atrocious decisions that put us into unnecessary conflicts?

After a flaccid run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2015, Lindsey Graham slunk away in early defeat, having failed to garner more than 2 or 3% in poll numbers. He promptly returned to his position as Obama enabler and Republican saboteur.

Graham Has Perfected the Art of Perpetual Fundraising

Graham Has Perfected the Art of Perpetual Fundraising

The Senator from South Carolina is a perfect example of why there should be limits, and if there were he would be out of a job today.

He has clung to his seat in congress not by embodying the ideals of a dedicated statesman in service to his constituents. Instead, he has consolidated his grip on power by securing government pork for movers & shakers in his home state.

Graham has a long history of winning without any serious opposition, which reveals one of the most fundamental problems with democracy.

After serving four terms in the U.S. House of Representatives, Graham had perfected the art of fleecing lobbyists. He set his sights on a game with much higher payouts: the United States Senate.

A stroke of luck left him an opening to slither into the Senate unopposed after the sudden announcement of Strom Thurmond’s retirement from the position.

Since then, Graham has never faced any serious, well-funded opponents. And it’s a tragedy because he is so hated that any formidable candidate would have a good shot at unseating him. The secret to his success is simply raising more money than everyone else, and calling in favors from big shots. You don’t get there by being honest.

You have to rely on the majority of your voters being asleep at the wheel for this to work, and in today’s America that doesn’t seem to be much of a problem.

Graham’s cynical method for remaining in power is similar to what we’ve seen from his fellow cabal of RINOs like Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and John McCain. They are able to snuff out any competition by outraising them in the very early stages. Their ability to pull a staggering amount of cash together discourages most would-be opponents from ever throwing their hats into the ring. The few that do are crushed mercilessly when they are outfunded 100 to 1.

Speaker Paul Ryan Will be a Powerful Ally to Trump, or a Powerful Foe

Speaker Paul Ryan Will be a Powerful Ally to Trump, or a Powerful Foe

It is precisely this abuse of public office that Trump aims to stop with his controversial term limits proposal. Under his plan, members of the House of Representatives would be limited to 3 terms, or 6 years total. In the Senate, they would get two terms, or 12 years.

Sleazy crooks like Graham, and RINOs like Ryan would be tossed out on their ears no matter how well they perfected their fundraising machinery.

When you consider this proposal, it becomes immediately clear why Trump has faced so much bitter opposition from members of his own party.

America is demanding that we drain the swamp, and when we do, the gang of RINOs will be left standing naked in the harsh sunlight.