PUBLISHED: 11:25 PM 15 Nov 2016
UPDATED: 11:26 PM 15 Nov 2016

TREASON: Analysis Now Shows Democrats Used 3 Million Illegal Votes In Plot To Overthrow Democracy


“Between my two votes and my five dead uncles’ votes, democracy is finally working in our favor.”

By now we’ve probably all had at least one Trump-hater tell us that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote,” am I right?

Even if you haven’t had this tired argument sprung on you yet, you need to know it’s out there, and you need to know how to respond to it.

Well, today I saw some fascinating comments on social media

First, one friend wrote the following on his homepage:

Donald Trump received some 1.2 million fewer votes in California than Mitt Romney did in 2012. Even though he matched or outperformed Romney in just about every other state — including the other liberal states.

The reason? Well, just maybe it had something to do with there being no Republican senate candidate this time around. Without a senate candidate to vote for, and with a GOP presidential candidate having zero chance at California’s electoral votes, it looks like a million or more right-leaning voters just stayed home.

That’s more than the national popular-vote lead that Hillary Clinton has at the moment.

So, do not let pro-Hillary people lay this popular-vote jive on you. The vote totals for this election can’t be superimposed on to an imaginary popular-vote election. In such an election, both candidate and voter behavior would have been very different.

Then another friend replied with some grim context:

There was no GOP Senate candidate because [Gov. Schwarzenegger was stupid] and approved an open jungle primary, where the top two vote-getters move onto the general election.

So, that will be two democrats for the next 1000 years. The GOP is dead in California. It’s like the Oklahoma Democrat party.

This is a mix of good and bad news, but new research sends us flying over Bad News Falls, as the following Milo article shows:

More than three million illegal immigrants cast votes in the U.S. presidential election, according to a report from

The organization’s founder Gregg Phillips said they reached that number after analyzing a whopping 180 million voter registrations from across the country.

Pay attention to Gregg Philipps’s last line there–“Consulting legal team.”–because we will return to that idea at the end of this article.

The Milo article continues:

Voter fraud had been a major concern heading into this election, especially after President Obama publicly declared that illegal immigrants could vote without fear of legal consequences.

Data collected prior to Election Day revealed that illegal immigrants largely supported Hillary Clinton due to her lax immigration policies that would have granted millions of them protection from deportation.

There were even reports of illegal immigrants going door-to-door to campaign for the Democratic candidate.

Hillary Clinton supposedly won the popular vote by 630,000. But even that “bonus” is a rigged illusion.

With 3 million illegal immigrants having voted on Election Day, it’s not hard to see how – even with conservative estimates of how many actually voted for Hillary – that lead vanishes.

“That becomes especially clear,” the article concludes, “when you look at the states those illegal immigrants likely voted in – that is, the states that do not require some form of ID before voting. That includes California, New York and New Jersey – all states that ultimately went blue on election night.”


Probably just a few hundred coincidences.

The Democrats rigged the vote–but lost anyway!–and the mainstream media just will not let go of the dream of a rigged Hillary victory.

The AP (Associated Press), which for many Americans simply IS the news, still refuses to announce that Trump has won Michigan. This is as stubbornly idiotic as refusing to believe a baby’s been born until his umbilical cord is cut.

As of Monday afternoon, President-elect Donald Trump has won Michigan by a razor-thin 13,107 votes out of 4,785,223 votes cast, according to the Michigan Secretary of State.

But those are not the official results of the Nov. 8 election.

The state’s 83 counties have until Nov. 22 to certify their election results. And the state Board of Canvassers meets on Nov. 28 to make the unofficial, official.

The results could change, said the state’s director of elections Chris Thomas. But it is highly unlikely that it will be enough to change the outcome of the race.“I looked at the 2012 results and the presidential race changed by 113 votes for the candidates of the political parties,” he said. “And there were 7,900 write-in votes, but that doesn’t change the election outcome.” …

Given that both Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton each received more than 2.2 million votes, the write-in tally won’t change the final outcome either.The Secretary of State hasn’t officially “called” the race for Trump. That’s not their role, Thomas said, because they let the results speak for themselves.

But the Associated Press, the news wire service that many publications rely on for official results, hasn’t called the presidential race in Michigan. Officials with the wire service didn’t return phone calls to the Free Press, but have said that if a recount remains a possibility, they won’t officially call the race.

A recount is automatically triggered in Michigan if the difference between two statewide candidates is 2,000 votes or less.

Chalk this up as another case of “the hoaxing media” trying to make news instead of reporting it.

Here’s a funny thing though:

The AP wasn’t shy about announcing a winner who lost “the popular vote.”


That’s right: In 2008 Obama lost the popular primary vote but still won the nomination, yet we didn’t hear the Democrats moaning about “the Electoral College” then, did we?

Lastly, remember what I said about Gregg Phillips and his legal team.

Phillips is already being attacked for not providing his “sources” for these numbers. In response, he very shrewdly refuses to “spill the beans” before all his legal ducks are in order. That’s a great lesson for us conservatives as we reclaim our country under President Trump.

He may have won the battle for the White House but the war has only begun. To do our share, we must be involved with our families, churches, and neighborhoods; active on social media; aware of legal trickery from the left; and always ready to respond to liberal attacks with facts and politeness.
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