Transracial Netflix Documentary

PUBLISHED: 11:53 PM 9 Mar 2018

‘Transracial’ Woman Drags Children Through Her Agenda, Televising Story

She believes her cause is noble despite it being borderline abuse to her family.

Making a movie seems to be easier for her than admitting that she lied.

WARNING: This article contains truncated vulgarities which some readers may find offensive. 

The trans-racial agenda of one very confused Rachel Dolezal exists because she wants to be black, so she feels that she is. Those who have followed her over the years will recall that she is the one who mislead an entire race and then claimed that she did not know what people meant when they asked her if she was black or not. As laughable as that is, Dolezal is now bringing her children into a new documentary about her self-inflicted ordeal, and even the boy on film is wise enough to pretty much call her an idiot, according to Prison Planet and Louder With Crowder (Stephen Crowder).

Netflix is going to release a video that has to be the worst idea since Anthony Weiner made a movie. For two years, a film crew has been allowed to follow this would-be African American around and her children are humiliated by it in the process. Crowder even hopes that the film crew was put on suicide watch as he laughs at the folly of it all.

In the video, which is quite cringe-worthy, Dolezal tries to paint herself as a loving mother who is teaching her children to rebuild what someone else has broken. The only problem is, it was her deception that has led to this turmoil.

She refuses to see it, at least in the clip shown, and blames it on others for not accepting her being black when she is, well, not black.

The disgraced con-artist asks her son if there is anything that he wishes to say and he tells her openly that there is nothing on his mind that he longs for the whole world to see.

He also feels that this whole documentary is going to “turn around and bite her in the a**,” too.

Even at his tender age, he is wise enough to voice that if his mother let down and angered before, maybe she should just let it go.

Not doing.

As the author notes, the pain in this home is something that cannot be faked. Thanks to the choices of this mother and her errors, the home seems to be a place all but devoid of smiles and mirth.

While most people, even on the crybaby left, still dislike this lady, she is an “overly bronzed beast is the monster they created,” according to Crowder.

All of this makes those with a cynical streak wait to see if Senator (and would-be Indian) Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is going to get into show business now that the fakers are on film.