Conservative Attendees Drugged

PUBLISHED: 4:26 PM 26 Mar 2018

Transgender Brags About Drugging Attendees At Conservative Conference

Transgender said they drugged members who attended a conservative conference.

A transgender Starbucks worker said she drugged conservatives.

A transgender woman was caught bragging about drugging attendees at a conservative conference over the weekend, according to The Western Journal.

A biological male turned woman — who allegedly works at Starbucks — said she put estrogen pills into the drinks of those who attended the event on Saturday in Phoenix, Arizona.

The transgender, who identified on Twitter as “Lauren,” wrote that she was drugging the conservative members at the Western Conservative Conference.

“I love my job at the phoenix convention center starbucks and i love slipping my spare estradiol pills in the coffee of anyone wearing a #WesternConservativeConference lanyard,” Lauren wrote.

Estradiol is a female estrogen drug. It is commonly prescribed to women dealing with menopause as well as to those going through transgender treatment.

The tweet was captured by the Journal before it was deleted. It can be viewed below:

The Western Conservative Conference is an annual gathering of conservatives to listen to speakers and discuss ideas.

The event on Saturday featured prominent right-leaning speakers such as former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, former presidential candidate Herman Cain, Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe, and many others.

Apparently triggered by the thought of someone having conservative views, “Lauren” apparently took matters into her own hands and drugged attendees with hormone pills.

There are several medical issues associated with men ingesting hormones, which could have irreversible effects on an individual’s body and health.

The Journal reports that security officials were notified about the incident and launched a full investigation into the matter.

Security reported that “Lauren” is not an official employee at the Phoenix Convention Center Starbucks and that she was likely there to intentionally harm those who attended the event.

This is just the latest example of abhorrent liberals resorting to violence against those that don’t share their liberal group-think.

Rather than have a civil debate with someone, the transgender liberal would rather intentionally harm those who support President Donald Trump.