Trans Athlete Causes Controversy

PUBLISHED: 12:59 AM 20 Feb 2018

Transgender Athlete Is Winning, Parents Outraged Over Steroid Use

The big question becomes, should trans athletes on hormones be allowed to compete?

High school students will be forced to compete with someone on drugs that enhance performance.

A Texas transgender high school student is set to win his second state championship, in girl’s wrestling. Mack Beggs, from Euless Trinity High School, has been transitioning from female to male with the help of steroids, including testosterone.

The performance-enhancing drug is banned for use by his fellow female competitors, and according to many, it is providing Beggs with an unfair advantage.

Last year, the lawsuit that was filed against the University Interscholastic League failed to prohibit Beggs from competing in the girl’s division. An exception to the rule against steroid use can be given to anyone who is prescribed the drug for a medical purpose.

This exception does not take into account whether or not it is an elective medical procedure. This sort of exception might preclude any female student claiming transgender after being caught using steroids, but it helps those who are proactive.

A male student could claim gender dysphoria and want to be a “real man” by taking steroids. The student could say that he feels too female and wishes to transition to manhood. Any number of scenarios could be created to take advantage of the situation that has been permitted to continue.

Considering how subjective transgenderism is, a female athlete who wants to take steroids can simply claim to be “gender fluid,” and seek a doctor’s approval to use what would otherwise require a drug dealer.

There is no need to fear being caught using performance-enhancing drugs. All you have to do is confuse your gender identity.

The social effects of the ambiguous nature of the gender identity crisis trend are setting dangerous legal precedents.

A transgender teen was awarded $800,000 for discrimination after he claimed that school officials used the wrong gender pronouns and allegedly denied him access to the boy’s restroom. It was reported that no evidence was ever provided in the case.

Who is going to argue now that the biological male student-athlete, who feels too feminine to live without extra doses of testosterone, should not be allowed to compete? This is already a growing problem in professional sports, but at the very least those are adults.

At some point, placing students in dangerous situations will eventually lead to someone getting hurt.

Parents of the other female wrestlers participating with Beggs are legitimately worried about the safety issues involved in competing with an athlete on powerful steroids. The liability issues of allowing a steroid user to play high school sports should cause concern for those involved.

Regardless, as transgenderism continues to unfold, more outrageous behavior will be tolerated so long as political correctness stifles critical analysis.

Recently an illegal and banned drug was administered to a male-to-female patient in order to produce lactation. The male breast milk is said to have been the only source of nutrition for the newborn baby for six weeks. This is a reckless administration of drugs by a medical professional.

Perhaps it will take actually killing a patient or innocent person to stem the progress of human experimentation and the societal acceptance of whatever this trend is pushing forward.

Women who decide to take anabolic steroids are sometimes diagnosed with muscle dysmorphia. Clinical diagnosis requires symptoms to the degree outlined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental disorders, but generally, that means behavior that is otherwise considered to be excessive.

When the issue is a bodybuilding woman who believes she is not muscular enough, then she might have a mental illness. On steroids, she can lose her hair, become aggressive, damage her liver or kidney, and experience an increase in LDL cholesterol.

In teens, the risk to the musculoskeletal system includes shortened stature, osteoporosis, and a decline in estrogen. The unusual changes can lead to cervical cancer, stroke, and heart attack.

However, if the individual is also experiencing a gender identity issues it is no longer acceptable to many to call it gender dysphoria or mental illness. This is a double standard, and there should be some agreement that at a certain point it becomes excessive.

In the case of Mack Beggs, he has offers and will likely go on to wrestle for the men’s team at a university. His steroid use will also continue to give him an advantage there. It is understood that females do not need as high of a dose as males do to achieve the same results.