Trans Jail Assault

PUBLISHED: 7:06 PM 13 Sep 2018

Trans ‘Female’ Attacks Fellow Inmates While Serving Assault Sentence

The trans individual pled guilty to assault charges in 2003 and 2016.

At least four women were sexually violated after a biological male was transferred to a female incarceration facility.

Unfortunately, it is common knowledge that various assault occurs in jails and prisons throughout the world. Yet these acts of violence are at least segregated between genders so that male inmates cannot attack female ones.

At least one would hope, anyway. In England, several incarcerated females were the recent targets of sexual assault by a fellow inmate. Yet the crimes are inexcusably unsurprising considering who the women were forced to live with.

A 52-year-old biological male born as Stephen Wood is a convicted sex offender due to rape charges filed against him in 2003 and 2016 and is also reportedly “awaiting sentencing for stabbing a neighbor.”

Yet sometime around 2014, Wood was said to have begun to identify as being female, which the details pertaining to such remain unclear. Some who knew him claimed that Wood “is merely a drag artist and doesn’t truly have gender dysphoria” while others insisted that he “did seek help from a transgender group in Manchester which referred him to a ‘gender identity clinic’ in Sheffield.”

He now reportedly goes by the name ‘Karen White.’

Regardless of preference or the legitimacy of his gender situation, Wood has not undergone any sex-change surgery and is thus still biologically male.

Yet that did not stop him from being permitted to recently transfer to a women’s incarceration facility, HM Prison New Hall, in Flockton, West Yorkshire.

To the surprise of few, this resulted in several cases of sexual assault against four biological women in the prison.

In one incident, Wood exposed himself inappropriately to a female inmate. Then, he allegedly “put a second inmate’s hand on his breast” while making “inappropriate comments about oral sex.”

Perhaps the worst violation involved him “push[ing] himself ‘indecently’ against a third prisoner,” while the fourth was thankfully only subjected to an unwanted kiss on the neck.

Defending himself against these claims, Wood allegedly claimed that two of the assaults were true but were at the fault of erectile dysfunction issues while insisting that he is not sexually attracted to females.

While it is devastating that any women, prisoners or otherwise, were subjected to this type of abuse that could have absolutely been prevented, Wood was finally and rightfully transferred to a men’s prison, HM Prison Leeds, located in Leeds, also in West Yorkshire.

Following the reported assaults, a prison spokesperson issues the following statement:

“We apologize sincerely for the mistakes which were made in this case. While we work to manage all prisoners, including those who are transgender, sensitively and in line with the law, we are clear that the safety of all prisoners must be our absolute priority.”

However, that statement is cringe-worthy to anyone with any regard to women’s safety (not to be confused with feminism), considering that this was more than a ‘mistake’ that put all the women at the facility at risk of assault.

Yet author Ann Farmer seemingly blamed the confusion on recent feminist movements in claiming that “Feminists may believe correctly that ‘women don’t have penises,’ but according to the latest figures, there are 125 transgender prisoners in jails in England and Wales. With this sort of encouragement from those in authority, for whom public safety should be a first priority, this problem is not going to go away any time soon.”

Farmer continued that the situation is “likely to grow” among male-to-female transgender individuals while admitting that biological women identifying as men are less likely to insist that they are housed in male facilities.

Well, of course. Aside from the rare cases of gender dysphoria, the transgender agenda, proven in this story, gives perverted men the opportunity to assault females whether they be in the prison system or simply in a ‘gender neutral’ restroom.

Farmer admitted this in trying to debunk that ‘women don’t have penises,’ to which any reasonable person would not oppose such a biological fact.

Yet leftists continue to argue for these ‘social justice’ missions while failing to consider whose wife, mother, sister, or daughter these efforts could harm.

However, this type of story unsurprisingly has caused many liberals to claim that “sex-segregated incarceration is one of the many overlooked fronts in the ongoing war over ‘gender identity.’”

Thankfully, in America, at least, President Donald Trump has addressed this difficult controversy exceedingly appropriately in dealing with “gender-confused inmates” by primarily considering their biological sex.

Yet each individual is said to be considered on a “case-by-case basis” to ensure that comingling of the sexes in prison is only done in “rare cases” deemed absolutely necessary.

Without being insensitive, this is arguably the way in which transgender rooming conditions should be considered, as failing to do so can indefinitely prove harmful to women.

Unfortunately, this due diligence appeared to have not been carried out prior to the recent English prison assaults. Hopefully, the incarceration system there takes this matter seriously to ensure that it does not happen again.