Vatican Crumbling

PUBLISHED: 8:56 PM 30 Mar 2018

Tourists Stunned As Vatican Rains Plaster

Some are pointing out this occured the day after the Pope is alleged to have denied the existence of hell.

Right after the Pope was to have said that there was no real hell, something frightful took place.

The Pope has made more than few remarks that have caused a lot of worry about his true support of the historic and accurate Christian faith. At one point, he seemed to imply that Jesus Christ was not the only way to heaven, yet to those who hear His truth, the Bible says otherwise. No sooner did the Pope claim that he meant something slightly different did an even worse statement get uttered, as the Sun confirmed today.

This time, though such things are hard to prove definitively, God Himself may have shown his disdain for the sermon. The “Vatican sealed off part of St Peter’s Basilica after chunks of plaster rained down on worshippers” as plaster fell down on the heads of those worshipping “at the height of Easter.” Some Christians suggest that this is because the Pope had just implied that there was no “hell,” only the end of the soul.

That is, of course, the polar opposite from the teachings of the Bible, which say that the soul carries on forever and that an eternal separation from God is quite real.

An Italian journalist named Eugenio Scalfari confessed that the Pope had said, “Hell doesn’t exist, the disappearance of the souls of sinners exists.

This view, if actually held, goes against everything that the Bible warns about. Hank Hannagraff, founder of the Christian Research Institute has said in the past on his “Bible Answer Man” broadcasts that if such a thing were true, those like Hitler would die blissfully in the arms of his mistress (hardly married) with nothing to ever answer for.

The Bible teaches nothing of the sort.

The Vatican ran damage control and issued a statement that said, “No words in quotation marks should be considered as a faithful transcription of the Holy Father’s words,” though the Pope was strangely silent on the matter. If his words were taken out of context or if he spoke incorrectly, wouldn’t he be rushing to be clearer with so much at stake?

It is said that mere hours after the Pope was to have said what he is accused of that “worshippers were pummelled with falling plaster at the Holy spot – but no injuries were reported.

Some would call that a rather hellish sign. For those who had mothers and grandmothers who used to claim that a child was so bad the church may fall in if they enter were always thought to have been kidding, after all.

Vatican spokesman Greg Burke said that crews have sectioned off the damaged area and that “the basilica remained open for business” as repairmen work.

During the Holy Week, millions flock to see the Pope and to hear his words of wisdom during the time of Christ’s rising from the grave over 2,000 years ago. The words of the Pope seem to defy what Christ taught this year, however. Jesus spoke more about hell than he did about heaven, though the Pope seems to be redefining what His words meant.

Five million people will be making the journey to Rome this year, many not knowing what to make of this teaching.

Sure, the leader of the Catholic Church has done a lot of good, he even used his coming cataract surgery to tell prison inmates to never lose hope. He told them to “clear their eyes” daily to keep their hopes alive.

At my age, for example, cataracts come and you don’t see reality well. Next year I have to have an operation,” he added. He feels that a “disillusioned soul” suffers the same way. He talked of “cataract surgery for the soul.”

Some people wonder if the Pope could still read his Bible at all, because hell is written about quite often in the Good Book. That, for most readers, is rather clear to see.