Classic Trump!

PUBLISHED: 1:30 PM 1 Jul 2021
UPDATED: 5:09 PM 1 Jul 2021

Total Boss! President Trump’s Border Visit “I Am In Favor of Oil… God… Guns And They’re Not!”

Massive numbers of supporters lined the roads welcoming President Trump, and many people think it’s not a coincidence that NY ‘indicted’ the Trump Foundation on the same day.

Beautiful! (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

President Trump was seen as the real leader of the country yesterday during his visit to the border, highlighting the massive chaos created by the Biden Regime. People lined the roads for miles welcoming him. During a press conference, he unloaded on democrats (aka communists).

Conservative Treehouse reported:

Democrats, the MSM and the administrative state writ large are pulling out all the stops to distract from toxic headlines running against their interests today.  One of the important stories today is President Trump traveling to Texas for a border security meeting with Governor Greg Abbott.

The president and governor hold a roundtable briefing with some media present.