Top Dem Pleads Guilty

PUBLISHED: 5:38 AM 11 Aug 2018
UPDATED: 5:57 PM 11 Aug 2018

Top TX Democrat Resigns After Admitting To Accepting Over $450,000 In Bribes

Dwaine Caraway pleaded guilty to federal charges of accepting more than $450,000 in bribes.

Caraway admitted to accepting over $450,000 in bribes for political favors.

A top Democratic official in Dallas, Texas pleaded guilty Thursday to federal charges of accepting over $450,000 in bribes and kickbacks in exchange for using his power in office to help at least one businessman.

According to Fox News, Dwaine Caraway pleaded guilty in court to conspiracy to commit tax evasion and wire fraud. U.S. attornies made a strong case in court that the city council member and mayor pro tem was a corrupt democrat and abused his power in office to line his own pockets. Sound like anyone?

Prosecutors revealed in court that Caraway was receiving funds in the form of “phony consulting agreements,” where he was reportedly signing phony contracts with businessman Robert Leonard.

Caraway alleged that he was being paid lavishly for consulting, but prosecutors say he was being paid bribes to get favorable policies and measures passed for Leonard.

Prosecutors also said he was accepting bribes in the form of luxury suits, gambling money, repayment on personal debt, fully funded vacations and trips, and checks from Leonard in exchange for taking action that helped the latter’s business.

Attorney Michael Payma, who represents Caraway, said the court documents speak for themselves, a point many would agree is an admission of guilt.

Caraway also pleaded guilty, admitting that he was guilty of the vast majority of crimes he was accused of committing.

In one instance, Caraway took actions to promote a program that placed cameras on school buses to ensure the safety of the statement. The camera business had direct ties to Leonard, who was funneling money to the democratic lawmaker.

Leonard also pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit services wire fraud, where he was trying to hide the payments. Prosecutors said the federal government got involved to locate the funds and track them down.

Caraway pleading guilty to accepting more than $450,000 in kickbacks and bribes is a major story. As the second highest-ranking elected official in Dallas, he resigned in disgrace and could face serious jail time for his actions.

The liberal was abusing his office and the trust of his constituents by stuffing money in his own pockets while helping his wealthy buddies secure more business in the community.

While he was accepting nearly half a million dollars, many would agree he could have been using his time and efforts to make Dallas safer and help those who desperately need help.

Instead, he selfishly chose to help himself and betrayed his city. Many would agree he should go to jail for his crimes.