Senator Lindsey Graham Gets Banned

PUBLISHED: 11:22 PM 29 Jan 2018

Top RINO Senator Graham Banned From Immigration Discussions

This makes a lot of sense. There are others who are more qualified.

Ann Coulter set this action in motion.

A prominent Republican – in name only (RINO) has been banned from the ongoing immigration discussions. The White House will exclude Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) from future negotiations on immigration reform. Graham sided with Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) on the key issues of chain migration and border security, creating more tension with the administration.

White House officials are attempting to create a deal that will gain support from Republicans in the House and Senate. Graham, after forwarding a proposed compromise along with Durbin, has failed to reach an agreement that will also include the primary objectives of President Trump. In exchange for funding more effective border security and immigration control, the offer made by the President included a willingness to find continued support for the people who now benefit from the DACA program.

Ann Coulter is being credited for her review of Graham’s record and immigration policy. In her weekly post, she points out that Graham has negotiated a “voluntary surrender” on immigration twice before. Now Graham continues to push for the same deal, without any public support and in clear contrast to promises regularly made by the Trump campaign.

For Coulter, it is certain that the public does not support amnesty, and that Americans voted based on the promise of reform and a border security wall. Coulter writes, “…every time the public gets its hands on an actual ballot, it votes for: less immigration, punishing employers who hire illegals, no government services for illegals, no driver’s licenses for illegals, no amnesty ever, English-only and Donald Trump.”

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders understands that this latest development will help move the conversation forward, and shows that individuals will be held accountable for their failures. The administration is serious about closing a deal on DACA, instead of attacking members of the staff. Graham criticized top policy adviser Stephen Miller, calling him an “outlier.”

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which protects an estimated 800,000 illegal immigrants, ends on March 5.

The latest offer under consideration from the President includes a path to citizenship for approximately 1.8 million people, in exchange for an end to the immigration lottery and chain migration. Additionally, he is reported to be negotiating an end to Obama-era policies that inhibit agents and courts in the deportation process.

Graham’s position on immigration reform carries with it a “stigma” because of his participation in the Gang of Eight in 2013. The current state of immigration into the United States and the debate over much-needed reform is enough to repudiate Graham’s immigration policies and reject further participation by him.

Senator Lindsey Graham has also stated during an interview with Face the Nation, that he did not know what the President means by his “America First” stance. He questioned if it was a return to the 1920’s era isolationism or a twist on Ronald Reagan’s “peace through strength.” Graham said, “I don’t know what America first means.”

Many people understand President Trump to mean that he will be placing American citizens and jobs first, before any global policies that stifle American’s recovery from an extended period of over-regulation and economic hardship.

The UN and WTO, the Pairs Climate Accord and trade agreements, and especially immigration reform will now be negotiated by a president that places American interests and future first. That means putting American children first, not the illegal immigration needs of others.

It is too bad the Republican from South Carolina cannot deliver an agreement that leads to an effective immigration policy, one that protects the rights American citizens first. Is Graham truly representing how the people of South Carolina feel?

The Dallas Observer is reporting that the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton intends to sue the federal government to end the DACA program. He argues that the Supreme Court should overturn the ruling that is temporarily preventing the end to the program, which was created by executive order. Paxton thinks that it sets a “dangerous precedent” that circumvents Congress by changing immigration laws.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) stated recently that he finds any path to citizenship “inconsistent with the promises we made to the men and women who elected us.” The usual reply to this that illegal aliens somehow deserve to stay because they make “incredible contributions” to our country.

Statistics show higher crime rates as one area of incredible contribution. They also destroy the myth that Dreamers are all diligent students, ready to fill some supposed vacant need in society, as regular American citizens continue to struggle to find employment and pay for college. There are many Americans who have unfulfilled dreams of going to school and finding their vocation.