PUBLISHED: 7:08 PM 31 Jan 2017

Top Official Escaped From North Korea…Reveals Kim Jong-un’s Planned Fate With America

North Korea's Top-Ranking Defector Breaks Silence To Western Media

North Korea's Top-Ranking Defector Breaks Silence To Western Media

North Korea’s Top-Ranking Defector Breaks Silence To Western Media

Named in George W. Bush’s infamous “Axis of Evil”, the isolated communist dictatorship of North Korea was largely ignored for eight years by the Obama administration. The not-so-ironic “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea” has been busy during that time, perfecting their long-range intercontinental ballistic missiles and threatening the West with nuclear Armageddon.

Four of the nation’s five verified nuclear tests were conducted on President Obama’s watch. In 2016, Pyongyang claimed to have successfully tested a submarine-launched nuclear missile that could hit California, as well as a nuclear warhead-tipped rocket.

But they are not likely to continue their provocations much longer, with President Trump sworn in as Commander-in-Chief, and Mad Dog Mattis confirmed as America’s Secretary of Defense. The tin pot tyrant must surely realize he is on Trump’s to-do list, and his time grows shorter. Eventually, there will be a showdown which will not end well for the crime syndicate that has abused the hapless peasants of the DPRK for decades.

The likely path Trump will pursue is to put economic pressure on China in order to force them to bring the rogue regime to heel. Much of North Korea’s banking and military support has come from China.

Jong-un was obviously a Hillary supporter — even inspiring much of her campaign wardrobe. Trump’s electoral victory was his worst nightmare come true. If he continues threatening the United States now, he’s even crazier than we thought.

Kim Jong-un is the country’s current cult leader, descended from a long line of dictators who have ruled as cruel tyrants from father to son. While his country starves, the stubby Stalinist tips the scales at an awe-inspiring 290 pounds, packed onto a five-foot, nine-inch frame. His weight is said to be due to his boundless appetite for exotic European cheeses and French wine. In North Korea, being overweight is a status symbol, because so few people have enough to eat.

North Korea's Top Generals Show Kim Jong-un How To Order Swiss Cheese On Amazon Prime

North Korea’s Top Generals Show Kim Jong-un How To Order Swiss Cheese On Amazon Prime

As more defectors are able to flee the oppressive state, Western media is able to learn more about how things operate in North Korea, and how their future might unfold.

A defector who escaped in 2009 told British media that the North Korean state operates like a “big criminal enterprise” and that, shockingly, a large percentage of the population is addicted to narcotics like opium, heroin, and methamphetamine.

Kim Hyeong-soo, who worked for the government’s top secret research body, the Longevity Institute, claimed the hermit state is trading opium and that locals are getting hooked.

Mr. Hyeong-soo told reporters that:

“(former leader) Kim Il-sung gave an internal decision to party officials that they should support the opium industry. But they couldn’t call them opium manufacturers, so they used a code name or terminology; they called it White Flowers.”

The former government researcher continued:

“It’s very accessible even to the general public. The North Korean government initiated the illegal drugs, but now it’s expanded to the general market. A lot of the people within the manufacturing industry would actually steal one or two grams because it’s the equivalent of their month’s salary.”

He said that the problem of drug addiction is made worse by the lack of proper medical care.

“Because there is no medication available a lot of people would use opiates as a painkiller, so they would take it orally or intravenously.” said Hyeong-soo.

The endangered defector also claimed that medicine donated to North Korea by the international community was immediately seized by the regime and sold at extortionate prices, leaving people without access to conventional pain relief.

Is North Korea Dealing Drugs To Support Its Ruling Class?

Is North Korea Dealing Drugs To Support Its Ruling Class?

Describing a tragedy that was claiming many lives in his former homeland, Mr. Hyeong-soo said:

“Tuberculosis was a disease that was going on in North Korea and the medication that was given by South Korea and the international community was sold on the black market.

For one month’s worth, it would cost the equivalent of what a laborer would make in five years. So of course I have seen a lot of my relatives having children that would die of tuberculosis.

I can literally say that North Korea is just a big criminal site where Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-un have taken 25 million people hostage.”

Around the same time of Mr. Hyeong-soo’s reports, another defector going under the pseudonym Park Kyung Ok, told the Los Angeles Times that she had made a living casually selling methamphetamine, and that the drug was commonplace in North Korea.

Park told journalists that in her home country, a sniff of meth is offered just as casually as a cup of tea. Many people use it to stave off fatigue for their long work shifts, and others rely on its appetite suppressant effects to make them temporarily forget they are starving to death.

This Brave Defector From The DPRK Must Take Great Pains To Protect His Family

This Brave Defector From The DPRK Must Take Great Pains To Protect His Family

And now in 2017 we have new stories from a defector who has been living under protection in South Korea. He counts as the top-ranking ex-diplomat from North Korea who has successfully defected and shared his story with western media.

Thae Yong Ho, former minister at the North Korean Embassy in London, got his family out of the country in late 2016.

The former diplomat told reporters that he was lucky to have been able to bring both of his sons to London, unlike other North Korean diplomats who are forced to leave some of their children at home as “hostages.”

Thae said he told his sons that he was going to “cut the chains of slavery and you are free men.” When the time was right, the family fled to South Korea, where they spent months being debriefed by intelligence agents before their release into a witness protection program.

“I am sure that more defections of my colleagues will take place, since North Korea is already on a slippery slope,” he told reporters.

Are North Korea's Fervent Displays Of Nationalism An Elaborate Ruse?

Are North Korea’s Fervent Displays Of Nationalism An Elaborate Ruse?

Yong Ho also revealed that the dictator Kim Jong-un was open to meeting with President Donald Trump, but he told CNN that Kim would talk only on his own terms. As for the country’s military ambitions he confirmed that the sadistic boy-king is trying to amass an arsenal of long-range nuclear weapons. He also warned that the country will grow increasingly belligerent toward the United States.

Signalling vulnerability in Jong-un’s tenuous grip on power, he said that if North Koreans are able to obtain more information about their country’s situation, it could trigger a public uprising against Kim’s government.

“I am quite confident that without sacrifice by any individual or any group, reunification or the elimination of the Kim Jong-un regime cannot be achieved,” he said.

North Korea’s official response was short and sweet. The defector is “human scum” said a spokesman for Pyongyang.