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PUBLISHED: 10:01 PM 12 Sep 2018

Top Official Claims Obama State Dept Solicited ‘Masseuses’ At Moscow Ritz

According to an unnamed top counterintelligence official, Barack Obama's state department made liberal use of masseuses to 'indulge' in irresponsible acts of depravity.

A top counterintelligence official recently spilled the beans, noting that Obama State Department employees solicited unusual 'services' from masseuses at the Moscow Ritz.

One of the favorite claims of the democrats concerning President-Elect Donald Trump was that he engaged in strange and depraved sexual acts in a Moscow hotel, and was thus ‘compromised’ by the Russian government. This claim, part of the Christopher Steele Dossier developed as political attack material, was never verified.

According to a recent story by Politico, however, the Barack Obama State Department did engage in such acts at the Moscow Ritz. Although this allegation (strangely) has not received the same notice in the mainstream media as the claims about Donald Trump, it is just as well-sourced, if not better. People of both sexes were ‘busted’ for ‘indulging’ with Russian ‘masseuses’ who preformed sex acts. Many people realize that democrats often accuse others of their own disgusting acts, this may be the ‘inspiration’ for the information in the debunked dossier.

A former top official in the counterintelligence field described his “consternation” at how reckless the State Department was under Barack Obama and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry.

This official was particularly concerned with the way that officials of both sexes, in the employ of the Department of State, indulged in ‘sexual favors’ with masseuses in their rooms at the Moscow Ritz, according to the story.

This statement, contained in a story about how not every attempt made by a Russian agent to sexually manipulate a government employee was directed at republicans, was not expanded on in the story, nor was the person who made the claim ever identified.

The dossier claimed that the President stayed in the presidential suite, luxury accommodations that government employees likely couldn’t afford on their own.

Donald J. Trump flatly denied the allegations concerning his conduct in Moscow.

Of course, if the claims by this unnamed counterintelligence official are true, it would not be the first time that the Obama White House had experienced ‘issues’ with government employees and sexual misconduct on foreign soil.

Perhaps most notably, during a 2012 presidential visit to Colombia, almost two dozen military and United States Secret Service personnel were punished, or even fired, for their conduct.

Some were accused of soliciting prostitutes while in-country.

When the scandal broke, the Obama White House, and senior aides within it, claimed that they had heard nothing about the misconduct.

However, the Washington Post suggested that the senior aides likely knew.

According to evidence uncovered by David Nieland, the Department of Homeland Security investigator in charge of looking into the scandal, at least one White House volunteer was among those who solicited the women during his trip.

Furthermore, Nieland claimed that he was told to withhold and alter “certain information” in the report of the investigation, because it could potentially serve to embarrass the Obama administration.

It’s interesting that the mainstream news, other than Politico, seemed to have completely ignored this revelation.

Then again, it did happen during the Obama administration, and to many people it seemed like the mainstream media was less than interested in discovering and reporting on the failings of his leadership.

However, they’ve more than happy to run with stories about the most absurdly depraved claims within the Steele document, which have never been backed up by anything.

If employees of the State Department slept around with Russian ‘masseuses,’ it represented a serious security risk. Such people should have found themselves out of work.

Instead, it seems like the Obama administration likely took steps to bury the scandal, similar to what it encouraged Nieland to do.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz published a report concerning rampant sexual misconduct elsewhere within the Obama administration. It outlined activities that went on between 2012 and 2016, and even found “systemic” issues that infected the Civil Division, Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Attorney General’s office, and more.

In the report, he showed that the problem seemed to grow over a five-year period, and that it reached from the lowest levels to the highest ranks within the Department of Justice.

It sounds like the Obama administration simply had some sort of culture of sexual harassment, but the media decided that they would rather ignore it.

Perhaps it would have made Barack Obama seem less honest and passionate when he talked about ‘women’s issues’ like the ‘wage gap’ if citizens in the country knew his administration was filled with sexual promiscuity and misconduct?