PUBLISHED: 9:27 PM 8 Dec 2017

Top IRS Agent Arrested As Shocking Conduct Exposes Secret Predatory Activity

Gregory Floyd, the top IRS agent in Philadelphia, is accused of sexually assaulting a woman at a social gathering, and has been suspended from any supervisory duties with the IRS. If convicted, it is likely to be the end of his career in government.

Gregory Floyd, the top IRS agent in Philadelphia, is accused of sexually assaulting a woman at a social gathering, and has been suspended from any supervisory duties with the IRS.  If convicted, it is likely to be the end of his career in government.

Gregory Floyd, the top IRS Agent in Philadelphia, has a long and storied career, and one that has gained him much renown.  It wasn’t more than seven months ago that Gregory Floyd announced to reporters in Philadelphia the details concerning the corruption case against district attorney Seth Williams.  Now, it seems that Gregory Floyd is preparing to find himself as the defendant in a criminal investigation, this time concerning sexual assault.

Gregory Floyd was arrested on September 28, 2017 in St. Louis, Missouri and charged with only a single charge; a count of second-degree sexual abuse. According to the statement filed in St. Louis, police were sent to a downtown address to investigate a crime that had originally been called in as a rape. The witness who had made the call told law enforcement that Gregory Floyd had been ‘sexually aggressive’ toward her all night.

She further claimed that when she had gone to leave, Floyd was alleged to have grabbed her waist and then groped her over her clothing. As a result of the charges, Gregory Floyd has been removed from any supervisory duties he had at the IRS until the case comes to a conclusion.  Floyd faces up to one year in prison in the state of Missouri for the charge, which is classified as a Class-A misdemeanor under Missouri law.

Gregory Floyd announced the charges against Seth Williams, who was the first African-American DA in Philadelphia as well as in Pennsylvania history.  Williams is currently serving a five year sentence for bribery.

Gregory Floyd has worked at the IRS for more than 20 years, and in recent years has taken on the role of the ‘public face’ for the IRS in Philadelphia. Whenever the IRS needed someone to go in front of cameras and make an announcement, it was Gregory Floyd who stood before them.  Whenever they needed someone to announce charges against people like Seth Williams or the mayor of Allentown, it was Gregory Floyd, in his capacity as the head of the IRS’ Criminal Investigations Division, called to serve.  Whenever the yearly announcement about the IRS actively seeking out tax cheats was to be made, it was Gregory Floyd who went before the cameras to remind citizens not to cheat the IRS out of money they are ‘owed’.

Gregory Floyd was the public face that presented the charges against Seth Williams.  Seth Williams was the first African-American district attorney in Philadelphia, as well as being the first African American district attorney in the state of Pennsylvania.  He was charged on March 21, 2017 of bribery and extortion, and plead guilty to one count of bribery, which earned him a sentence of five years in prison.

Gregory Floyd was also the public face for the charges against Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski, who was accused by federal authorities on July 26, 2017 of charges concerning corruption at city hall. According to Ed Pawlowski’s lawyer, he has been indicted on charges of involvement in a pay-to-play scheme, though Pawlowski denies any wrongdoing and has stated that he will not be stepping down.

Floyd announced the federal charges against Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski, who stands accused of running a ‘pay for play’ scheme out of City Hall in Allentown. Pawlowski awaits his day in court, and has refused to step down from his role as Mayor.

Though Gregory Floyd’s indictment on charges stemming from an alleged sexual assault do not impact the charges announced, they may serve to undermine confidence in the federal government’s charges, as well as undermining already low citizen confidence in the Internal Revenue Service.  However, the irony cannot be ignored, that a man who spent his career helping to put away government employees accused of wrongdoing would himself face the same outcome that they did.

This has been just the latest in a long string of sexual scandals involving public employees, including elected officials.  It seems that the #MeToo movement, which Time Magazine named its ‘Person’ of the Year, has had wide-reaching implications that are being felt in government.

Just this week, Senator Al Franken announced his resignation at an unknown future date in the face of at least five credible claims of sexual misconduct made against him.  Congressman John Conyers similarly resigned in the face of multiple credible claims of sexual harassment brought against him by ex-employees of his congressional office.

Al Franken, who rose to fame as a comedian and member of the SNL cast, announced his resignation this week from the Senate. He is one of many politicians recently caught up in claims of sexual misconduct that arose withe #MeToo movement.

The government is not infallible, but it is important that when government employees make mistakes, they pay consequences.  This is the case whether they are elected officials or common employees in whom the government has vested power and authority above and beyond that which the average citizen has.

It is likely that if convicted, Gregory Floyd’s career will come to an unceremonious end.  A sad and strange end for a man who was the public face of the IRS efforts to enforce laws.