Schumer Blocks Safety Appointment

PUBLISHED: 9:52 PM 8 Feb 2018

Top Dem Schumer Blocks Vital Appointment As Train Crashes Plague U.S.

Now more than ever, the position needs to be filled but DOT claims Schumer has another agenda than safety.

AMTRAK has a lot of problems and Schumer is doing nothing to fix them.

Amtrak has suffered a plethora of problems as of late and all the while, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Senate Minority Leader, has been keeping with his agenda of trying to impeach President Donald Trump, though no proof exists to do it. One would think that such a powerful man would stop the myth-making long enough to see why so many trains are killing people, but he has not done so.

The Daily Caller has confirmed that many other powerful people who are doing their jobs are taking notice and calling out Schumer for being irresponsible, however. Ronald Batory, “a 40-year railroad industry veteran,” has been chosen to “lead the Federal Railway Administration by the Senate Commerce Committee in August.” The vote was unanimous but Schumer has twice blocked his confirmation since he may actually expose the Minority Leader’s faults.

The Wall Street Journal calls the blocking an “admitted” effort by Schumer to halt the rightful progress of Batory. His reason for doing so is pork, namely to “secure federal funding to revamp a rail tunnel linking New York and New Jersey.” That of course, means billions in federal tax dollars funneled to his state.

Deputy Secretary of Transportation Jeff Rosen sent a letter to the Democrat on January 31st stating that Batory is to be confirmed. Also, the New York liberal was told that his “behavior is unacceptable considering the scourge of recent rail accidents.

Rosen drew particular attention to the fact that Schumer was acting on this even in December, a time “in the immediate aftermath of the tragic Washington State Amtrak derailment that resulted in three dead, 70 injured, and cost over $40 million in repairs.”

At that time, Sen. Thune, who chairs the Commerce committee, said months have gone by and now we’re dealing with the aftermath of this tragedy, it’s time to confirm Ron Batory, and he asked for unanimous consent,” Rosen stated, using congressional records to back up his assertions.

The transportation expert also said, “Senator Schumer stood up and just said ‘I object’ and then he walked away and didn’t elaborate. So he didn’t say when he objected what the grounds were. It’s inexplicable that after those months and after the tragedy he was unwilling to put safety first but he didn’t give the rationale.”

In January, the crash in Virginia only made Schumer look more inept. When another happened only four days later, the outrage was at a fevers pitch, and with good reason. Both the conductor, as well as the engineer, died in that accident.

Many of the people on board these Amtrak trains were constituents of Schumer’s, so there is no shortage of people wondering just where the Minority Leader’s priorities rest. It takes more to represent a district than standing up and yammering on and on about Mr. Trump, even if the region is mostly Democrat comprised.

Even the most anti-Trump citizen wants a safe train ride and know that they are going to reach their destination without these kinds of mishaps being accepted as normal.

If Schumer can not even stop playing politics long enough to let those with the knowledge of how to fix these issues do so, then what Earthly good is he?

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