PUBLISHED: 10:21 PM 18 Apr 2017

Top Dem Exposed In Bombshell, Probed For Ties To Muslim Cleric Within U.S. Leading Terrorist Network

Just how deeply tied to a Pennsyvania terrorist was Chuck Schumer?

The word “treason” is used a lot. Most often, it is an analogy, thankfully, and not the real “Benedict Arnold betrays the nation” kind of treason. That is not a common thing, and surely, no one in in the upper levels of government in the modern age would ever risk being caught doing such activities. In the modern age of high-tech surveillance at every street corner and with five hackers in every computer, no one who is at the top of U.S.A. leadership would ever do such a thing, right?

Well, it seems that two different news items have hit regarding Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and his questionable ties to Turkey. The first tells of Istanbul’s Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office looking into 17 Americans for ties to an alleged coup last year, according to Milo Yiannopoulos (dot net). One of those in the crosshairs for the very Soros-like scheme is none other than Mr. “Oppose Gorsuch for NO Reason” Schumer.  The Independent is reporting that this is happening as Turkeys erratic leader, Erdogan, has what are being called “sweeping” new powers granted to him.


Did CIA Director John Brennan and ex-CIA Deputy David Cohen have a hand in the terrible violence that befell Turkey last July?

The prosecutor in Turkey is looking closely at contacts and meetings that took place regarding these 17 possible turncoats “between July 15 and July 17.This is quite severe considering that nation building is not only frowned up by most Americans at this point (party affiliation of no importance on the matter), but if Schumer did anything even close to this without authorization, he may have broken the Logan Act. This would even dwarf what Susan Rice is accused of; unless of course, this all somehow ties together. Not to mention, if the Democrats had fury over Flynn’s minor error, how much more grievous is this?

It seems that it can be MUCH more dire, as a matter of fact. The second bit of shocking news and the far worse charge comes in regards to Chuck Schumer’s possible ties to terrorists! The Chief’s office in Turkey is also investigating the New York Senator’s ties to Fethullah Gulen, a Pennsylvania-based man who, according to The New Yorker, was the “mastermind behind the failed coup.” Press TV, as well as Teddy Stick, are reporting that those who are named in the actual complaint “are suspected of having links to what Turkey entitled FETO, an alleged terrorist network.” Gulen was the leader of that particular terror group.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan addresses during an attempted coup in Istanbul, Turkey July16, 2016. REUTERS/Huseyin Aldemir

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has “sweeping” new powers and he is asking some hard questions.

The Daily Caller has said, “Turkish investigators are interested in Schumer because of Gulen’s supporters here in the U.S,” so with this many sources, this story seems far removed conspiracy theory and well on it’s way to becoming conspiracy fact. It is known that at least 265 people lost their lives in the coup, “including 161 civilians and police officers.” While such large numbers are now “normal” in the world, one would be wise to understand that Chuck Schumer potentially has the blood on his hands from many families that won’t ever see their loved ones again. This would be a heinous act on par with some of the great acts of political treason in U.S history.

As if things could not get any more shameful, CIA Director John Brennan and ex-CIA Deputy David Cohen are also mentioned as being people of interest. Bombs were fired on Ankara and Istanbul as tanks were “diverted” to city streets on July 15th, 2016. Those injured are said to number 2,194, which means stitches, wheelchairs, lost limbs, and more as a result of those potentially tied to the United States under Obama. Everyone knows that Obama was guilty of many sins and even the spying unmasking that was done by Susan Rice shocked very few people in terms of what America learned way back in Watergate times. However, to be involved with outright terrorists, the lowest filth that mixes a religion with murder and pedophilia, that is something that is revolting even in today’s post-modern world.


The world was rattled by terror shown during the failed coup de’ tat in Turkey.

If this is proven true, the ramifications could be massive. For one thing, many nations are going to call for Schumer’s (if not Obama’s) head just as the world demanded the hanging of Iraq’s butcher, Saddam Hussein. The problem is, when massive stories do break, somehow they get buried in all but the rarest of instances. Take, for example, the case of F.B.I. head James Comey. He was given “two weeks” (over a month ago!) to respond to the House Judiciary Committee on charges of partisan corruption, and yet we hear crickets regarding the outcome. How can something so huge in depth and merit be something that no one cares to see put to an end? It seems as if all of America is falling back to sleep again now that Trump is elected.

If a United States Senator can be tied to something that results in blowing up innocents just to oust a leader, even one as nefarious as Ergodan, then the world is going to react with outrage and cries for justice. At least, that is what one would expect. When George W. Bush was called a war criminal (a charge that many even on the right say has worth), the Democrats made sure that the whole world hated him and called for his scalp. Now that leading Democrats are found to be tied to terrorism, the supposed biggest threat of our times, no one seems to care very much. If this is proven to be true, regardless of what one thinks about the (somewhat) radicalized leaders of Turkey, Schumer needs turned over for whatever kind of justice Istanbul sees fit to implement.

epa05427192 People attend to a wounded person in Ankara, Turkey, 16 July 2016. Turkish Prime Minister Yildirim reportedly said that the Turkish military was involved in an attempted coup d'etat. The Turkish military meanwhile stated it had taken over control. EPA/STR

17 Americans are being investigated by prosecutors in Turkey for having played a part in dreadful acts of terror by proxy.

If recent news is any indication, he may be standing at some podium speaking as if he is the very paragon of honesty or running for re-election in New York with no one recalling this. Maybe a sign or two from a protestor who the left will attack as a “tin foil hatter’ for asking about terror ties that almost every news site worth the power that it takes to keep the laptops on have mentioned it. This is an issue that must be dealt with in the severest of ways and to the full extent of the law (not sharia law) if true. America’s soul depends on us at least agreeing on that.