PUBLISHED: 7:24 PM 5 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 7:58 PM 5 Dec 2017

BREAKING: Top Clinton Aides AVOID Justice Despite Proven False Statements To Agency

Former Clinton aides Cheryl Mills (left) and Huma Abedin (right) lied.

Former Clinton aides Cheryl Mills (left) and Huma Abedin (right) lied.

Peter Strzok was fired from Robert Mueller’s investigation team. Considering the biased members of that team, the feat of getting released is a big one. However, Strzok decided to make his hate for President Trump public and sent several anti-Trump texts that were exposed.

Strzok was responsible for at least three interviews while he was working for Mueller. The outcomes for those could not have been different from each other. Two of his interviews were with former Hillary Clinton associates Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin. The other was with former President Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. All three appear to have lied but only one is now facing charges.

Michael Flynn pled guilty last week to lying during his interview with Stzok on January 24. At that time, Strzok was the FBI’s top investigator in the investigation which was just beginning. Flynn will be punished for his misdeeds but what about Mills and Abedin?

FBI agent Peter Strzok (left) isn’t on the Mueller (right) team anymore but his interviews have implications.

Their misleading statements have earned them a free pass. How can this not be seen as hypocrisy or a double standard on the part of not only Strzok but also Mueller?

Strzok is not unfamiliar with the Clinton case. In fact, he was the one who conducted some of the most significant interviews while the FBI was investigating Hillary. Yet another instance where Democrats escaped unscathed. It appears Strzok is at least consistent.

Strzok was the agent responsible for “softening” the terms that former FBI Director James Comey used in his statement to close the Clinton investigation in July 2016. The agent edited out “grossly negligent,” a term with legal weight, with the phrase, “extremely careless.”

Strzok interviewed Hillary Clinton herself. Then, along with Justice Department attorney David Laufman, he interviewed Mills, Abedin, and former Clinton aides Jake Sullivan and Heather Samuelson.

A review of those interviews shows that Mills and Abedin claimed they didn’t know anything about the Clinton server usage until after she left the State Department. This we now know was a lie. The interview notes state;

“Mills did not learn Clinton was using a private server until after Clinton’s [Department of State] tenure. Mills stated she was not even sure she knew what a server was at the time. Abedin did not know that Clinton had a private server until about a year and a half ago when it became public knowledge.”

Mills certainly seems to know what a server is.

Those claims were proved false with a series of emails in which both Mills and Abedin were involved, sometimes directly in discussions about Clinton’s servers.

So Abedin didn’t know that Clinton had a private email server?

James Comey defended the two aides, stating;

“Having done many investigations myself, there’s always conflicting recollections of facts, some of which are central [to the investigation], some of which are peripheral.”

Source: The Daily Caller