PUBLISHED: 6:53 PM 4 Nov 2016
UPDATED: 6:54 PM 4 Nov 2016

Top Clinton Aide Says Comey A “Bad Choice” For Investiagtion, He’s Too Dangerous


Hillary Clinton has worried over FBI director James Comey for more than a year

Hillary Clintons campaign is publicly lashing out at FBI director James Comey, casting aspersions on his integrity and accusing him of attempting to influence the election. Apparently, their discomfort over Comey is nothing new.

Hacked emails published by WikiLeaks reveal a top Clinton aide calling Comey a “bad choice” in a message sent over a year ago.

Jennifer Palmieri, Clinton communications director, forwarded an article which detailed Comey’s description of growing anti-police sentiment after the wild unrest that erupted in Ferguson, MO. Comey hinted that an increase in violent crime may be the result of police succumbing to public pressure.

“Get a big fat ‘I told you so’ on Comey being a bad choice,” Palmieri wrote an email sent to Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta and White House spokesman Eric Shultz. Neither responded.

Now, mere days before the election, relations between Clinton’s campaign and the FBI have utterly disintegrated. Accusations of duplicity and corruption are flying, with Comey reopening the investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server to send classified emails and Clinton angrily responding that the probe was politically motivated.

Last Friday Comey publicly announced that new evidence in the case had been discovered on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. Yes, that Anthony Weiner, the same pervert who was married to Clinton’s top adviser and who is currently facing an FBI investigation of his own for sending disgustingly sexual messages to a young teen.

In another hacked email Palmieri told senior Clinton advisers that it was time to “bust in that house and get Huma the hell out of there.”

Palmieri doesn’t go into detail because it’s not necessary. Clearly she’s referencing Huma Abedin’s, Clinton’s right hand woman, marriage to Weiner. Palmieri sent the email less than 24 hours before Weiner admitted to sending naked pictures of himself to a very young girl on Twitter.


Anthony Weiner looks concerned

Hatred towards Clinton is snowballing into rage. People are angry that this woman, this criminal, has managed to slither so close to the presidency. The only way Clinton’s campaign can respond is by launching a vicious attack against detractors. She can’t defend herself against the mountain of charges facing her; she’s guilty and the evidence is becoming clear even to democrats.

“By taking this highly unusual, unprecedented action this close to the election, he put himself in the middle of the campaign,” Palmieri said of Comey. The problem according to Palmieri isn’t Clinton’s illegal actions, but the FBI director’s decision to reveal them. Not surprising considering the campaign’s obsessive concern with manipulating Clinton’s public image.

Emails reveal that Clinton was so desperate to appear likable that she prioritized an appearance on “Saturday Night Live” over delivering the keynote speech at the annual Human Rights Campaign gala, the country’s most influential LGBT rights group.

“Talked to the producers,” Clintons deputy communications director wrote in an email dated Aug. 6, 2015. “They will write a skit for her and want to confirm asap. Would need to skip the HRC Gala in DC that night, but this opportunity seems more important given the impact it would have.”

No story about Hillary Clinton, one of the craftiest and most practiced liars in politics, would be complete without a surprise curve-ball. Shocking revelations about government officials dereliction of duty is par for the course. Clinton’s cold tentacles are wound tightly across Washington. Obama, the Justice Department, mass media, all have been proven to be in cohorts with Hillary. Oh yeah, and so has James Comey.

Despite the palpable anger brewing between Clinton’s campaign and the FBI, despite her apparently well-founded reservations about Comey’s appointment, Comey has undeniable and unsavory links to the Clinton Foundation.

James Comey, Clinton foe or close friend?

When Comey was summoned before congress last July to discuss the Clinton email scandal, he refused to talk about the foundation. Many wondered why. There was speculation that his refusal to speak about the foundation was related to his initial refusal to indict Clinton.

The connection between Comey and the foundation primarily centers around Comey’s role as a senior executive at Lockheed Martin, a global defense contractor, from 2005-2010. Under Comey’s leadership the firm benefited heavily from contracts awarded by Clinton’s State Department.

Lockheed Martin was a major donor to the Clinton Foundation. The firm paid Bill Clinton $250,000 for a single speech a mere 3 days after Hillary approved multiple weapons export deals in which Lockheed Martin was the prime contractor. Coincidence?

In 2010 alone, Lockheed Martin was a contractor on at least 17 deals approved by Clinton. The firm told told reporters years later that it’s support of the Clinton Foundation began in 2010, while Hillary was secretary of state. In the same year, Lockheed also joined the Clinton Global Initiative.

Comey’s connection to the Clinton’s goes even deeper. In 2013, the same year he was appointed FBI director, Comey joined HSBC bank as an influential board member and director.

HSBC is another major contributor to the Clinton Foundation. It’s believed to have donated as much as $81 million.

Comey’s brother Peter has an enviable and lucrative corporate position as well. He’s a senior executive for DLA Piper. DLA Piper has donated over $1 million to Hillary’s political campaign, as well as made substantial donations to the Clinton Foundation. In another twist, DLA Piper was also the firm tasked with auditing the foundation.

So what changed for Comey? How did he escape from Clinton’s clutches?

The answer seems to be that Comey is actually a good guy. He’s known for his honesty and integrity. The moral of weight of being involved with Clintons lying machine was too much for him.

He has decided to do the right thing and pursue several investigations into Clinton, her campaign, and her foundation.

We could very well be on our way to seeing the most corrupt, vile politician of our time go to prison.

Time will tell. Stay tuned.