PUBLISHED: 7:57 PM 14 Oct 2016

Top Advisor Buys 75,000 Shares In Uranium, Pushing Nuclear War To Increase Stock


He’s A Man Full Of Contempt, Also Putin Is In The Picture

Before we get to the James Bond villain-level corruption, we have to catch anyone who hasn’t heard up to speed. Hillary Clinton sold 20% of the United States’ uranium supply to undisclosed Russian “donors,” despite the law explicitly stating that any and all donors must be named. Laws are for poor people, the Clintons have shown us, and they got away with it. The Russian donors got enough uranium to annihilate the United States ten times over without running out.


Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin weren’t mentioned a single time, and that shouldn’t be confusing to anyone. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have both been pushing this ‘Putin is going to nuke everyone’ meme lately, but there’s a lot less to it than they’d like you to believe. The Russian government does not want nuclear war for the same reason you do not want nuclear war; killing millions of people, putting millions of your own at risk, and permanently changing the world through force isn’t very enticing.

With that said, not all nukes are equal. Some of them are measured in kilotons, other in megatons. But some nukes, the rarest of nukes, don’t even exist; these are the nukes Clinton and Obama wants you to be the most afraid of. There’s no denying it. They have released statements, memos, press conferences, tweets, and more where they say vague things about the threat Russia poses.


… What? The Statement Never Actually Explains Anything

With all of that boring, treason stuff out of the way, let’s move on to the Bond villain. John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign Chairman, has 75,000 shares in a Putin-connected “green energy” company called Joule Unlimited; another company that Podesta serves as Chairman. Putin was only mentioned for the sake of “journalistic integrity.” In actuality, Putin did little more than just say something along the lines of “green energy is good, therefore [Joule Unlimited] is good,” in his typical Russian way.

The Russian President invested in a company that would promote the production of green energy much like politicians in the States have done on multiple occasions. The difference here is that Putin didn’t donate billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars; he donated millions of his own money between 2007 and 2013. For anyone with a poor memory, this was right around the time green energy was being pushed onto government officials around the world.

Joule Unlimited is based in Delaware and has made plans to “go commercial in 2017” with its “state of the art process.” These plans were announced in the 2012 after Joule raised a hefty $70 million in its third term of fundraising from, mainly, Vladamir Putin. This came as a surprise to a lot of investors, because Joule Unlimited was “making $3 worth of gas using $4 worth of corn.” In other words, they were actively losing a lot of money. Sounds like someone who doesn’t know anything about green energy was making a dumb investment.


This Is An Actual Graphic From Joule Unlimited; What Are ‘Solar Chemicals’?

Then, Podesta jumped at the opportunity and procured 75,000 shares of Joule Unlimited. A new leak revealed that just before he started working for the White House under Barack Obama, Podesta ditched the shares into another company to scrub the record clean while retaining the shares. Whether by accident or on purpose, Jon Podesta’s investment was extremely smart if you look at the situation from his point of view.

Green energy stock prices are directly dependent on how much uranium is available. It’s rather simple, if a country has less uranium, stock prices for green energy companies go up. If a country has more uranium, they go down. If this is considered, Hillary’s flip-flopping with Russian relations aren’t very confusing.

Joule Unlimited wasn’t making any money due to, well, being a green energy company. Because of this, their value was artificially—and likely accidentally—inflated through donations made by the Putin in 2012. That same year, Podesta was made Chairman of Joule and got the 75,000 shares. One year later in 2013, 20% of U.S. uranium was sold to Russia through Hillary’s State Department.

This is likely why Hillary Clinton and her “friends” are so obsessed with blaming Russia. Putin isn’t involved with her plotting; he won’t just roll over and take the bribe, donation, salary, chair position, or whatever else the Clintons are offering. Putin, and Russia, are being blamed for something they likely didn’t do in order to scare the public into believing almost anything. Either this or something similar is the case. Otherwise, this is a huge conspiracy that only the insane would believe.

In this case, the insane would have to believe that the United States has government officials working with Vladamir Putin in order to start nuclear war to prevent Hillary Clinton from becoming President. Oh, wait, that’s exactly what Hillary Clinton believes about Donald Trump.

It is a validated fact that the Democrats have been literally conspiring against the GOP and the public at large for years, yet they want us to believe that an even larger conspiracy is at play involving Russia? The same country Hillary sold uranium to and later blamed Donald Trump’s success on.

When is this nonsense going to stop?

This will all stop once people start thinking for themselves. More leaks will be revealed in the coming days. Start thinking.