Media ‘Fact-Check’ Fails

PUBLISHED: 9:37 PM 6 Feb 2019

Top 8 Media ‘Fact-Checking’ Fails In State Of The Union

The media wasn’t wasting time fact-checking President Trump’s claims during the state of the union address, but some of the claims can’t hold water.

During the 'fact-check' frenzy, some of the claims don't add up.

Of course, the mainstream media is reeling from a series of recent fake faux pas, but that didn’t stop the New York Times and others from making outrageous ‘lie’ claims that really have no basis.

Fact-checking Donald Trump has become a liberal pastime, but their rush to assume didn’t stand them in good stead after the State of the Union address.

Here are eight fact-checking fails the media claimed about President Trump’s speech.

Number 1. New York Times Opinion On ‘Crisis’

The New York Times labeled the president’s statement about illegal border crossings an “urgent national crisis,” false. However, the times did admit a few sentences down that a “record number of families have tried to cross the border in recent months, overwhelming officials at the border and creating a new kind of humanitarian crisis.”

So basically, the publication thinks their readers are too stupid to now they’re lying when they read the words.

Number 2: New York Times Claims ‘Misleading’

“Although border apprehensions plummeted by 91 percent after fencing was completed in San Diego, the highly leftist publication claimed Trump’s statement was “misleading” when the president said a border barrier in San Diego “almost completely ended illegal crossings.”

Likewise, the Times called the president a liar because he stated that America had been fighting in the Middle East for 19 years, but it’s only technically been 18.

Of course, perhaps the Times now gets to decide the designating of the word ‘almost?’ Like perhaps the publication is ‘almost’ out of business because of its continued hate and could be ‘almost’ close to losing millions of dollars in a lawsuit over the Covington Catholic students?

Number 3: The Washington Post Explains Sexual Assault For Democrats And Trump

Breitbart reported, “When it comes to Glenn Kessler, the most shameless liar I have ever personally dealt with, the term sexual abuse and term sexual assault and the sample sizes and parse, parse, parse, and the bad man is orange and the raped women are brown so let’s not do anything to stop it because we need Texas to turn blue.”

Number 4: Politico Claims Only 31% Of Migrants Raped, Not One in Three

Trump stated “one in three women is sexually assaulted on the long journey north,” but the claim was immediately fact-checked by Politico.

It’s only 31 percent of women who are sexually assaulted on the dangerous and illegal trip, they pointed out. Of course, the distinction here can only be appreciated if you are a frustrated, warped leftist, many people argue.

Number 5: NPR Attacks Fact In Weird Way

“We also have more women serving in Congress than ever before,” the president stated.

Of course, since that is actually true, NPR found a way to ‘fact-check’ it by claiming that was a democrat accomplishment.

Number 6: Bigoted Statement Used As Basis For ‘Lie’ Claim

Annie Karni claimed that because “Jews don’t believe in heaven,” somehow the president was a liar. Of course, she later ‘corrected’ her bigoted statement. Where’s the social media mob attacking her for appropriating an idea to a religion?

Number 7: CNN Fact Checks President’s Opinion

Trump stated, “If I had not been elected President of the United States, we would right now, in my opinion, be in a major war with North Korea.”

The outlet then spent so much time explaining how that was a ‘questionable’ statement. However, isn’t all opinion ‘questionable?’

Number 8: Washington Post Bold Face Lied On New York’s Abortion Bill

Trump stated, “Lawmakers in New York cheered with delight upon the passage of legislation that would allow a baby to be ripped from the mother’s womb moments before birth.”

The Post claimed the New York law would not have “allowed a baby to be ripped from the mother’s womb moments before birth.” It states a health care practitioner “may perform an abortion when, according to the practitioner’s reasonable and good faith professional judgment based on the facts of the patient’s case: the patient is within twenty-four weeks from the commencement of pregnancy, or there is an absence of fetal viability, or the abortion is necessary to protect the patient’s life or health.”

Of course, CBS actually explained that the law would allow the baby to be aborted, which involves horrid dismemberment, ‘at any time,’ which would include, in fact, moments before birth.

The media fact-checking was just dismal, but perhaps they felt like they had to do something, especially considering the fact that the approval numbers were over 70 percent.