150 MPH Winds

PUBLISHED: 7:21 PM 10 Oct 2018

Too Late To Run As Gov. Scott Warns Of Michael’s Terror

Many of the 375,000 people warned stayed put and did not evacuate.

This massive storm is ready to pummel the southern U.S.A.

Those who’ve ignored the National Hurricane Warning Center‘s urgent plea to leave as the storm draws near have now waited too long. As Hurricane Michael is set to utterly pummel Florida, U.S.A. Today has just reported that it is too late to run from the coming fury of this category 4 monster.

With landfall imminent, “125,000 homes and businesses already were without power,” just from powerful rains. The “potentially catastrophic” storm could bring darkness to millions as 150 mph. winds were actually sustained, not just attained.

The time to evacuate coastal areas has come and gone,” warned Governor Rick Scott. Warm air has supercharged this brutal hurricane.

At 12:00 p.m. local time, “Michael’s eye was about 40 miles south-southwest of Panama City.” The storm was “moving north-northeast at 14 mph. It was too late for people in the immediate path of the storm to flee.

Scott also said, “If you are in an inland county you might have one more chance to evacuate, but only if local officials say it is safe.

The National Weather Service located in Tallahassee said, “based on historical data, a hurricane of this strength has NEVER made landfall in this region and thus this is an event that will have unprecedented impacts.”

It’s historic, it’s extremely life-threatening,” warned  Kenneth Graham, director of the hurricane center.

Then again, some people who live in the region say that this happens every year and that much of the panic is for news ratings. For example, Perry and Mollie Williams both plan to “ride out the storm” along with “their three cats and a Rottweiler.”

Certainly, the dog should ward off possible looters. This is, after all, a reason why many people don’t leave their homes during such times.

It’s our first storm (forecast) to be on top of us,” said Mrs. Williams who has lived in the area for 17 years. “We’ve had a number of them come into the Gulf, and either come to the left or the right of us. But never on top of us.

Brock Long, administrator at the Federal Emergency Management Agency had very foreboding words for those toughing it out. “Those who stick around to witness storm surge don’t typically live to talk about it.”

AccuWeather meteorologist Brett Rathbun estimated landfall for between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. ET as a Category 4 storm,” so Michael is waiting for no one.

MSN News reported that the merciless storm could “menace the roughly 200-mile stretch of fishing towns, military bases, and spring-break beaches.” The element of losing spring-break related tourism alone could cost millions upon millions of dollars in the long run, not the mention the despair that others would face on a personal level as true loss is calculated.

I’ve had to take antacids I’m so sick to my stomach today because of this impending catastrophe,” confessed National Hurricane Center scientist Eric Blake in a tweet.

In total, about 375,000 souls were instructed to evacuate, but many have simply refused to do so, choosing instead to remain right where they are, hunkered down.

Many nuclear watchdog groups have kept they eye active as this hurricane rages, as well. Thankfully, no plants are in the immediate path at this time. Alabama’s Farley nuclear power station is said to be prepared.