MAGA Attack

PUBLISHED: 4:24 PM 8 Apr 2019

‘Tolerant’ Liberal Attacks Mexican-American Trump Supporter In Post Office

These attacks are increasing as the frustration on the left rises over President Trump’s unprecedented success.

Leftists do not respect the rights of others if they support the president.

A female Mexican-American immigrant was attacked by a deranged, confused liberal in a Post Office because she was wearing a MAGA hat.

As the numbers of altercations increase by unhinged liberals, their desperation is evident.

A female President Trump supporter named Paloma recorded the incident on her phone after she was insulted and accosted by a ‘tolerant liberal’ in San Diego, California on Saturday.

“Paloma describes herself as an “American loving activist, born in Mexico,” who came to the US legally when she was 10 years old.”

But according to the mentally deranged liberal, Paloma is a racist.

When the liberal saw the phone recording the outburst, the person went even crazier. The attacker lunged at Paloma.

“Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me!” Paloma screamed as the liberal got in her personal space.

“You have no reason to harass me just because I’m wearing a Trump hat! What is wrong with you?”

But, somehow, as usual, the unbalanced liberal claimed victimhood, demanding to speak with a supervisor and screaming that being recorded in a post office violated her ‘rights.’

Perhaps attacking another person for their opinion is also one of the liberal’s ‘rights?’

The attacker then threatened to call the police.

At this point the (white) liberal called Paloma a racist, but Paloma, who is a Trump supporter from Mexico, let the liberal have it!

The liberal took out her phone, started recording Paloma and mocked her Hispanic accent — she then took a photo of Paloma’s address from a piece of mail.

Perhaps the attacker planned to further assault Paloma, or hoped that other, more violent people would?

Here’s Paloma standing up for her rights as a citizen in a free country who doesn’t have to submit to bullying from ignorant fascists:

Paloma for Trump is a patriot who backs the president on the border policy and lives part time in Tijuana, chronicling the massive invasion at the border.

Mexican citizens are also upset about the migration, and Paloma interviews people concerned about the invasion.

One Mexican man said, “We need to fight,” concerning the takeover by MS-13.