Dems Plan 2020 Theft

PUBLISHED: 2:00 PM 14 Nov 2018
UPDATED: 8:12 PM 14 Nov 2018

Time To ‘Take Off The Gloves’: Democrats Are Making A ‘Roadmap’ To ‘Steal’ 2020 Election

In an insightful interview Rep. Matt Gaetz explained that the Florida (and other states’) recount has more to do with democrats seeing what they can get away with in preparation for the 2020 theft of the election from Trump.

Democrats keep 'finding' votes, and one GOP Rep has explained that this is simply preparation for the 2020 election.

In an interview with Breitbart Editor-in-chief Alex Marlow, Rep. Matt Gaetz explained that democrats are “stress testing the integrity of the election system,” in order to build a “road-map on how to steal the election from Donald Trump in 2020.”

His comments are powerful and accurate.

While discussing the election fraud taking place under America’s eyes in Florida, Gaetz stated, “The law requires certain reporting and transparency to occur regarding who voted, when they voted, and by what means they voted.

That transparency isn’t just to make us feel better, it’s the kryptonite to fraud, because if we know how people are voting you’re able to triangulate against any of the fraudsters that would cast the illegal ballots.”

He explained that it is only democrat counties where they ‘miraculously’ find votes, like the 80,000 mystery ones discovered.

Gatez said, “Brenda Snipes has just decided there are certain things she’s not going to tell us and wasn’t going to tell us. So we had to go to court, and the courts ruled that the supervisor of elections violated the Florida Constitution by standing in the way of public access.

“What’s most concerning is that between election day and now, over 80,000 ballots have just been like spoken into existence. They weren’t acknowledged to even exist on election night, and then lo and behold, the Democrats needed more votes to close gaps, and more ballots continued to be found.”

Of course more ballots are being found. It looks like to many people that these liberals waited until the election was over to see how many made-up votes they’d need to steal the win from republicans.

“In a lot of our Republican counties, we play it by the books. Our supervisors of elections don’t cut corners. They follow the law. So in a recount, you often don’t get a whole lot of new votes from Republican areas,” Gaetz added.

“It’s in the Democrat areas where all of a sudden there are mystery boxes of ballots and votes that are counted.”

“What should concern all Americans is that we’ve got like 80,000 ballots that have no chain of custody, no real record of how they were voted or where they came from, and my concern is, while I think Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott are outside the margin of fraud, if the Democrats are able to learn now what techniques work and don’t work, what transparency laws are going to be followed and which ones aren’t, then it gives them a road-map on how to steal the election from Donald Trump in 2020,” he warned.

“I really think that’s what this is about. The resistance movement has changed from yelling at town halls and yelling in restaurants to now, potentially, trying to steal elections that they can’t win at the ballot box.”

Gaetz explained, “Donald Trump has proven what the winning coalition is. He’s going to knock down about 90 percent of the Republican vote, and then he’s going to really drive up turnout among independents and some Democrats in areas where he’s popular.

“… If they’re able to slice down our margins in the high turnout Republican areas, it really collapses the Trump coalition.”

Gaetz continued, “I think what they’re doing is testing what they can get away with. … My concern is that those tactics are being developed. … The Democratic Party in Florida is already doing training to perfect ballots, and they put out the number that [they need], three ballots per precinct, to beat Rick Scott.

“The goal here is not to count every vote [or] make sure everyone’s voice is heard. The goal for the Democrats is to win the election. So they are training their operatives how to interpret a stray mark, or an x, or a bubble, so that they can flip votes after the election’s over.”

“The new conservative movement has to take on Trump’s sense of boldness,” advised Gaetz. “If we allow Democrats to continue this behavior, they’re not going to get better [or] treat us better or follow the rules more. We’ve got to take the gloves off and fight like they do.”

Many people agree that he’s absolutely right. The blatant theft of America’s election system is being played out in front of our eyes, but no one seems very concerned.

To end this practice, many people agree that the only solution is to remove every democrats from election office, everywhere, and continue to place honest judges on the bench, not democrats who donated to the party and then get to decide to allow more votes, like what’s happening in Georgia.

Otherwise, people should get ready for the complete take-over of America by socialists, who will make everyone a slave.