PUBLISHED: 4:56 PM 12 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 8:31 PM 12 Jan 2018

Time Bomb “Can’t Be Stopped” As China Makes Anniversary Announcement With Global Implications

Sam Di Gangi by

Those who study North Korea are saying that it is too late for war to be stopped.

Those who study North Korea are saying that it is too late for war to be stopped.

North Korea has proven to be so very confusing that it is almost difficult to convey just what they are thinking when they are reported on. On one hand, the Hermit Kingdom wants to be in the Olympics, hold peace talks, and even march in a joint parade with South Korea. In the very next breath, many are saying that war cannot be averted and that Asian nations need to ready for a conflict.

As the D.P.R.K. seems bent on being accepted as a nuclear nation and as today ushers in new crippling sanctions from Japan, the war drums have again been heard throbbing. Shi Yinhong, “an expert in international relations,” says that China is “rapidly losing control” of North Korea and some have said that war is a time bomb that can’t be stopped, according to the Daily Star.

Conditions on the peninsula now make for the biggest risk of a war in decades,” said the expert. President Donald Trump has also implored China to get harder on N.K., but it remains to be seen if the Chinese are up to the task.

Wang (pictured) feels that China needs to prepare for war.

Mr. Trump has opened the door for talks, at least according to some whispers in D.C. Likewise, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has also shown interest in such dialogue. As it stands, however, such hopes remain only wishful thinking.

Yinhong has said that “it is too late for China to stop war breaking out,” a prediction that has sent chills down the spines of those who really grasp just how torturous a war with North Korea shall be if it happens.

The Star also tells us that he feels that “China should seek to slam the brakes on a full-blown conflict.” Yinhong adds, “North Korea is a time bomb. We can only delay the explosion, hoping that by delaying it, a time will come to remove the detonator.” If that is the best that can be hoped for from one of the leading minds who study the D.P.R.K, life is grim, indeed.

With the Olympics set to happen in South Korea, Mr. Trump has sent extra airmen to Guam.

Wang Hongguang, a former Chinese military commander, has declared that China needs to have troops ready “anytime” for war, likely between now and next year. “It is a highly dangerous period. Northeast China should mobilize defenses for war.”

This begs the question, war with who? Is Wang wanting to see the Chinese take up arms against the United States? Certainly, it is not expected to be against North Korea, though China will need copious amounts of soldiers to deal with the mass exodus that is going to happen as citizens flee the Hermit Kingdom during such a conflict.

December 17th of 2018, though it may seem to be quite a very long time away in the minds of those who just took down the family Christmas tree, is only too close for those studying North Korea. That is the anniversary of the death of Kim Jong-un’s father and former N.K. leader. This date is often used by the despotic regime as an excuse for nuclear missile testing.

Then again, if the world makes it from now to December without that happening, many will consider that alone to be a miracle. In the meantime, all eyes are on the Olympics as President Trump has placed ample forces in Guam, just to be on the safe side. The U.S cannot very well go charging into the D.P.R.K. as world Olympians are flying into the region.

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