PUBLISHED: 9:24 PM 17 Oct 2017

“Tick Tock”: Hannity Releases Cryptic Message As Tuesday’s Broadcast Set To Be Explosive

Hannity's Tweets are leading to a massive buildup that teams up with other major journalists including Julian Assange

Hannity's Tweets are leading to a massive buildup that teams up with other major journalists including Julian Assange

Hannity’s Tweets are leading to a massive buildup that teams up with other major journalists including Julian Assange

Well the Internet has certain been confused and eager as of late due to certain large personalities hinting at something big. About a week ago, Sean Hannity tweeted out a cryptic and confusing message that appeared to be a timer for a large story. A lot of people speculated that the “7” in the tweet meant days and that something would happen on 10/15/17, seven days after Hannity’s tweet was sent out.

When the 15th came around, many looked on in anticipation of something big happening and then something did. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange sent out an even more cryptic message followed by another Hannity tweet yesterday saying that today there would be a bombshell.

Many people believe Assange’s tweet to be an encryption key sent out that would unlock a locked file. This could be a possibe dead man’s switch that is designed to stop anyone from carrying out a violent attack against the person. In other words, if someone wanted Assange dead because he held sensitive information then Assange would prepare a file to be released if he were to suddenly die. That is why people think that the tweet sent out from Assange was an access code to a file that could soon be released.

The hype surrounding these tweets only continues to grow and confuse many who are anticipating something huge taking place. Sean Hannity has been a large presence within the majority of Trump’s supporters through the election and knows how to draw a crowd into a large story that involves key issues. It seems that the two world famous journalists might be working together in what is hopefully a massive story.

There is really only one person in the world who knows the complete inner workings and publications of WikiLeaks and that is their founder, Julian Assange. WikiLeaks released emails from both the DNC and John Podesta that no doubt played a large role in the 2016 election. Many on the left somehow managed to convince themselves that Russia helped steal and publish the emails and that somehow the election is null because of it.

The investigation that was demanded by the left, which has caused a financial strain to the tax payer, has not yeilded any results and yet they have not even approached Julian Assange for his input. It seems like a forced, strange and convenient cover to not approach the WikiLeaks founder even though it was his platform that the sensitive Democrat emails because accessible to the masses. It seems clear that the deep state swamp that demanded and appointed the swamp monster Mueller to the case have no interest in the truth, only a way to overthrow President Trump.

Liberals have begun to openly denounce the 2016 election because of the Russia collusion narrative that the media was ordered to run with, even though no evidence was provided and has basically ruined their ratings and value. Many became unhinged with the idea that Russia somehow got a big meanie elected and took to the streets to demand something happen. Even though it has happened for nearly 300 years, the liberals were denouncing our elections and threatening the very heart of what makes our Republic great, the peaceful transition of power.

With Hannity, Assange and hopefully Sara Carter appearing to be working together on what can only make Democrats and liberals heart race seems like a great thing. It seems that Hannity has been hinting at revealing that the FBI knew years ago about the horrible collusion that took place between the Clintons, the State Department, and the Russian government. If the rumors are to be true then irrefutable proof is soon going to be provided that shows that the liberals are projecting their own crimes onto Donald Trump in that they were actually the ones to conspire and collude with Russians.

The entire narrative behind the Russia collusion story involving Donald Trump is absolutely coming apart at the seems. Week after week it appears clear that there is no dirt on Donald Trump and that Mueller’s investigation is going no where because there is nothing to find.  As the days continue on in Trump presidency, it remains clear that the Democrats are refusing to concede their power because they will have to face justice for the crimes they committed and have gone to great lengths to hide.