Leader Shot Dead

PUBLISHED: 9:38 PM 2 Oct 2018

Three Suspected Killers Gun Down Popular Memphis Leader

He was shot after a group of thugs searched for a target.

Police had to inform the community that beloved member had been slain.

In Memphis, Tennessee, “a civic leader and former airline executive” named Philip Trenary was gunned down, according to WKRN News. On Twitter, police said that 22-year-old McKinney Wright, 18-year-old Quandarius Richardson and a 16-year-old are suspected of the slaying.

Now, those three are accused of “first-degree murder in perpetration of a robbery and especially aggravated robbery.

Since it does not fit the MSM narrative, there has practically been a media blackout on the horrible killing.

Trenary was the president and CEO of the Greater Memphis Chamber of Commerce, and according to reports, he was shot to death on Thursday during the yearly “Move it Memphis, ” a “race near a large apartment complex and not far from historic Beale Street.”

The 64-year-0ld victim from Oklahoma was also the CEO of Pinnacle Airlines and was quite loved and respected for his tireless dedication to the area of Memphis.

The man was alone when his killers confronted him and pulled the trigger.

The cops were told that “a white Ford F150 truck was identified as it was leaving the crime scene,” however, so the search was on.

On Friday, after the slaying, police chased just such a truck and it turned out that the vehicle was stolen. Police said, “Richardson was arrested on theft charges after the truck he was riding in crashed into other vehicles during the chase.”

Wright and the unnamed 16-year-old gave statements to police which said that Richardson had been looking for targets as they drove around.

Trenary had a rich heritage and he gave a lot back to the area that he loved. His kindness and generosity have been forever snuffed out.

Many people in Memphis are hoping that when court dates arrive for this trio, the full weight of what they have done will come down fully upon them.