PUBLISHED: 3:29 PM 3 Oct 2017
UPDATED: 9:44 PM 3 Oct 2017

Three Kneeling NFL Players Feel Fans Wrath As World Learned Of Vegas’ Deadly Aftermath

Chief's cornerback Marcus Peters couldn't even stand for one day.


Chief's cornerback Marcus Peters couldn't even stand for one day.

Chief’s cornerback Marcus Peters couldn’t even stand for one day.

The nation mourned yesterday after a mass shooting in Las Vegas, NV left 59 dead and over 515 wounded. The White House honored the victims with a moment of silence as did Congress. Flags flew at half-staff and, with a few exceptions, the flood of sympathy was incredible. On such a sorrowful day, petty differences should be put aside for the sake of respect. Of course, there are always the few.

Three Kansas City Chief football players declined an opportunity to show their humanity and disrespected everyone by choosing to continue their National Anthem “protest” during last night’s game. The fury from fans has been vicious.

ESPN had not planned to broadcast the playing of the National Anthem, their cowardly way of avoiding the controversial protests. However, after the Vegas tragedy, they decided to after all. The flag at Arrowhead Field in Kansas City was at half-staff as well.

Fans watched as linebacker Justin Houston knelt and cornerback Marcus Peters and linebacker Ukeme Eligwe sat during the anthem.

Kansas City Star Sports Editor wrote on Twitter, “’Man, can’t get behind Marcus Peters and Ukeme Eligwe sitting tonight. No sir. Not tonight. I supported the players protesting injustice since day 1. Today, my sadness overwhelms that support.”

The outcry from the fans echoed much of that sentiment;

“Refuse to watch the game but tweets say Peters sat during Vegas moment AND the anthem. No wonder the @NFL numbers are way down.”

“I can’t wait to see #MondayNightFootball #TakeAKnee to protest the brutality of the officers who dodged bullets to save lives in Las Vegas.”

Peters began his protests last year by raising a fist and then progressed to sitting. He explained to reporters;

“I was just stating how I’m black, and I love being black, (and) I’m supporting Colin in what he’s doing as far as raising awareness with the justice system. But I didn’t mean anything (bad) by it.”

There is a time and a place and last night was certainly not it. Fans have expressed their anger over not just Monday night’s behavior but the whole ridiculous notion. As one fan’s sign read;

“Protest on your own time.”

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