PUBLISHED: 3:11 PM 12 Oct 2017
UPDATED: 3:22 PM 12 Oct 2017

“Those Pleas Have Fallen On Deaf Ears”: Conservative Leaders Call On GOP Resignation

Conservatives are calling for Senator McConnell to step down.

Conservatives are calling for Senator McConnell to step down.

Conservatives are calling for Senator McConnell to step down.

Several key Trump-supporting groups are calling for the resignation of Senator Mitch McConnell and others not willing to support the president’s agenda, “It is time for new leadership.” They contend that American’s “pleas have fallen on deaf ears.”

The Tea Party Patriots, FreedomWorks, and the Senate Conservatives Fund are fed up, along with most conservatives, over the inability of the GOP to accomplish changes in D.C., including but not limited to key promises the president made during the campaign such as confirming federal judges and securing funding for the border wall.

Another major point of contention is Obamacare. This is not simply a President Trump agenda item, this is something Republicans have been complaining, threatening, and promising about for eight years. The president has given them multiple chances to make good on that and they have failed.

The leaders of the groups are going after McConnell but also Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO), Sen. John Thune (R-SD), and Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY). They propose that if these Republicans can’t get it done then they should make way for those who will.

Jenny Beth Martin, the co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots, said of Senator McConnell;

“All these failures have one thing in common – they represent a FAILURE of LEADERSHIP,” adding that “Mitch McConnell has had his chance. He has failed to deliver. It is TIME FOR HIM TO GO.”

Adam Brandon, the president of FreedomWorks reminded everyone of the Republican failures and said, “In a few months, we’re going to hear about Democratic obstruction. We can’t blame the Democrats on this.”

The conservative group wrote a viciously truthful letter to the Senate leadership;

“2017 has been a disappointing year for the millions of Americans who fully expected and had every right to expect real change in Washington. Republicans were given full control of the federal government. They – you – have done nothing. Worse, it is painfully clear that you intend to do nothing because, as is most apparent, you had no intention of honoring your solemn commitments to the American people. You were not going to “drain the swamp.” You are the swamp.”

The groups have concluded that it is time for new leadership. Based on the fact that the Republicans control the White House and Congress and their president still can’t get his agenda passed, it would seem they are absolutely correct.

Source: Breitbart