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PUBLISHED: 8:24 PM 28 Dec 2020

This Needs To Go Viral: Article Explains These 10 Legislators Have The Power To Stop The Steal

These men and women need to know that America is watching what they do.

Let's do it! (Source: RSNB YouTube Screenshot)

Democrats are hoping that Americans simply forget about the massive and coordinated election fraud, many people argue. But, there are millions of patriots still fighting this theft.

This is the article that Wood wants to go viral:

The list at the end of this post contains the contact information of the ten most important people in America that almost no one knows. Here is why YOU MUST CONTACT THEM!!!

State Legislative Leaders Hold the Power, If They Use It

The leaders of the Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia legislatures have it in their power to correct the election fraud that took place in their states.

For those in the media and government who continue to yell there was no fraud and Joe Biden won the election, that is simply because they have chosen to turn a blind eye to the testimony, video evidence, computer analysis and statistical anomalies which are too many to list individually, but can be found with sources and annotations at the following links:

The Immaculate Deception

Here Is The Evidence, Election 2020 Stats

Proof of Voter Fraud in 17 States

Former Wisconsin Judge: Court System ‘Deeply Intimidated’ by the Left

Just the News:  Pennsylvania Poll Watcher, We Literally Had No Ability to Watch 

Dominion Tech Runs Ballots Through Twice

Lawsuit To Enforce State Legislative Constitutional Authority

There are over 1,000 witnesses and sources and explanations of judicial failure.  Over 50 judges have lacked the courage to listen to evidence of 2020 presidential election fraud.   I know this personally as I was to testify about fraud in Allegheny County, PA on November 19 in federal court.  Judge Matthew Brann, without being asked by anyone, cancelled the hearing and two days later, without hearing any evidence, dismissed the case.  I did provide testimony and a sworn affidavit to the Pennsylvania Senate Committee in Gettysburg on November 24th.

The evidence of fraud is overwhelming, yet didn’t have to be a vast conspiracy, as it took only the Democrat leadership in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Milwaukee and Phoenix to perpetrate the theft of the American government.  They controlled the mechanics of the election and over time have controlled the selection of the judiciary and many state wide office holders.

This piece is not to convince either the thieves to repent or the wilfully blind to open their eyes.  It is to bring attention to the 10 people in American who are placed to do something about what has happened and that they should be contacted by 72,000,000 Americans to investigate and avoid the death of the American Republic.

The men on the list can save the country from China, who sometime ago bought Hunter and Joe.

State Legislatures Possess the Power

These legislative leaders can call together their respective legislatures, make a legislative determination that the current Electors their states are sending to the Electoral College have not been appointed in “such manner at the Legislature thereof may direct”.

Here’s what the Constitution says:

Pursuant to Article II “The Electors Clause”:  Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress:

 The ten men on the list can call their legislatures into session and appoint the Electors.  They have the power to right the wrong that has been done to the American people.  (Please note the legislatures’ power regarding Electors comes from the US Constitution, not the constitutions of the respective states, hence any state rules that purport to limit their authority are without force as the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land.)

The Legislative Leaders Who Can Right This Wrong are Listed Below

You can call, send an email, a tweet or a facebook message.  It does not matter if you live in their state.  What matters is for them to know that America is watching to determine if they have the courage to assist their country in its time of need.  All the links are live.

Contact them in the way you are most comfortable with a simple message:

“America is watching.  You have the power to halt the theft of the Electoral Votes of your state. Rise to this moment in history and protect the Republic and Constitution to which you have sworn an oath.”

The men on this list know the fraud, they know their power to convene the legislatures, what they don’t know and what you need to tell them:  America is Watching.  

Name State Office Phone     Contact Page or Email     Twitter      Facebook
Senator Jake Corman PA Senate Pres. Pro Tem 800-


Contact Page @jakecorman SenatorJakeCorman
Speaker Bryan Cutler PA Speaker of the House 717-



Contact Page


@RepBryanCutler RepBryanCutler
Rep. TJ Shope AZ Speaker Pro Tem of the House 602-



@TJShopeforAZ TJShopeforAZ
Senator John Kavanaugh AZ Senate Pres. Pro Tem 602-



@JohnKavanagh_AZ John Kavanagh
Rep. Lee Chatfield MI Speaker of the House 517-



@LeeChatfield VoteLeeChatfield
Senator Aric Nesbitt MI Senate Pres. Pro Tem 517-


Contact Page @SenAricNesbitt SenatorAricNesbitt
Rep. Robin Vos WI Speaker of the House 608-


Contact Page @SpeakerVos @SpeakerVos
Senator Howard Marklein WI Senate Pres. Pro Tem. 608-





Rep. David Ralston GA Speaker of the House 404-




None Found SpeakerRalston
Senator Butch Miller GA Senate Pres. Pro Tem. 404-



@Butch_Miller @butchmillerga

Rest assured, if the men on this list do not act, it is a choice they are making and they should be known to history.

This is no longer about President Trump or Joseph Biden, it is about the integrity of America.  They can hold hearings, invite witnesses, release documents, conduct audits and more.  Then make the decision in the light of day, not in rooms with boarded up windows or after the press and the public have left.