PUBLISHED: 7:53 PM 22 Jul 2016
UPDATED: 2:32 AM 23 Jul 2016

This Man Is Stepping Up, His ENTIRE Peer Group Just Disowned Him


Just when we thought that CEOs from major tech companies were coming together to do anything they can to stop Donald Trump from becoming President of the United States, this story emerges and restores faith in some of America’s leaders in big business.

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the company, PayPal. You might use it for all different purposes. You might even have an account. Well, just last night, PayPal’s CEO, Peter Thiel, came out publicly in support of The Donald’s Presidential run.

Peter Thiel



Though you might be familiar with his company, you may be wondering, “who is Peter Thiel”? Well, according to, Thiel is worth over 2 billion dollars, and has invested heavily in facebook as well as having founded PayPal. However, much of his fortune comes from HIMSELF. He is a self made man, just like Donald Trump is. 

Thiel resides in San Francisco, and is very well educated. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Science from Stanford University, and also a PhD. 

Although he helped to create PayPal, today Thiel no longer has an active role within that company. His biggest project right and holding is in the company Palantir. Palantir is a “CIA backed big-data company he cofounded and chairs.”

Thiel has impressive credentials and with his support, Donald Trump is sure to win the Presidency in November.

Besides his outstanding business credentials  and his being “one of the biggest names in Silicon Valley”, he has also been a “mega-donor” for the Republican Party.

Back in May, he announced that he was willing to serve as one of Trump’s pledged delegates. Right now, he is the only CEO from Silicon Valley to openly and publicly endorse Trump.

Though he does identify as a Libertarian, and has supported the Presidential bids of Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012, he most recently supported Ted Cruz’s campaign before switching to Trump.

Many other Silicon Valley execs are expressing concern that Thiel is openly endorsing Donald Trump.  One New York Times reporter, Farhad Manjoo, has written that  Thiel’s support will prove to be “another plot in the larger  storyline that Silicon Valley is exclusionary and narrow minded and that its inventions are advancing global inequality.”

This statement couldn’t be more false, but right now over 100 other Silicon Valley CEOs are signing a letter to denounce Trump. One of these CEOs is facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who has “ramped up attacks” against Trump through an “advocacy group” he created,

Silicon Valley has been a den of  ultra liberal values for a long time. They have openly endorsed Black Lives Matters on social media and have “suppressed conservative voices.”

What do you think of Peter Thiel and his decision to support Trump? What do you think of the 100 or so Silicon Valley CEOs who are trying to suppress American conservatives and promote Obama’s agenda?