PUBLISHED: 1:52 PM 3 Feb 2017

This Is Bad…The Biggest Company In The World Just Backed The ACLU Lawsuit Against Trump

Google and other elitist corporate giants are backing suit against President Trump!!!!

Google "Big Brother" giant pumping millions into lawsuits against President Trump!

Google “Big Brother” giant pumping millions into lawsuits against President Trump!

Just two weeks after meeting with President Trump at the White House, corporate moguls are now on the attack. Two weeks ago, corporate heads from Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and many others were singing praises for “The Donald,” since the president was doing something to “help” them and “their” profits.

The President, however, is more concerned about the interests of the common worker than he is about lining CEO pockets. Jobs that will boost up American lives instead of enslaving them to government welfare “handouts.”

These corporate giants are so eager to embrace Trump’s plans to reduce corporate taxes and easing of  the stifling regulations enforced by their “anointed,” Obama, whom they funneled millions into the Progressive Marxist’s quest to take the White House. But now what are these same corporate giants doing? Joining forces, and their wallets of billions, to back the ACLU’s lawsuit against Trump.

President Trump surrounded by corporate "friends" two weeks ago now wolves seeking to sue him!!!

President Trump with corporate “friends” two weeks ago now wolves seeking to sue him!!! has published a draft of a joint letter to President Trump. The letter’s signers are from Alphabet (Googles parent company), Facebook, Amazon, Uber, Microsoft and Stripe along with  some smaller companies.

The letter is filled with typical sounding progressive hyperbole which implies really “good” ideas, but when reading it carefully, it basically states, do it OUR way or else, very subtly of course as they are pouring millions into liberal lawsuits against the president.

A copy of the letter can be accessed on There are also reports sneaking out that Apple will be joining the ACLU lawsuit as a complainant or file it’s own lawsuit. What?

According to the Wall Street Journal:

“Apple Inc. is weighing legal action and continuing to press the Trump administration to reverse its executive order on immigration, Chief Executive Tim Cook said in an interview.”

Along with Apple, Amazon founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos, has also announced looking into legal options. According to Ibtimes in the UK, Bezos sent an email to Amazon employees regarding Trump’s order stating, “we do not support it.”

“Our legal team has prepared a declaration of support for the Washington Attorney General who will be filing suit against the order. We are working other legal options as well,” Bezos wrote.

Bezos also stated in the email that the “full extent of Amazon’s resources” will be used to fight against President Trump. Perhaps Bezos should check with Amazon’s thousands of stock holders before bankrupting the company of billions to go up against ‘the art of the deal’ maker.

Bezos, in his liberal progressive rants and actions, seems to forget thousands of his employees here in the US are “Deplorables” who voted for Trump. It is very likely many of his stockholders did as well.

Corporate "fat cats" Amazon's Bezos and Google's Page using their billions trying intimidate 'The Donald"!!!

“Fat cats” Amazon’s Bezos and Google’s Page using their billions trying intimidate ‘The Donald”!!!

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, is the largest company in the world. Two days ago Google paid it’s employees to take time out of the work day to “protest” the travel restrictions; banning those from seven countries which harbor massive numbers of terrorists. CEO Sundar Pichai and co-founder Sergey Brin joined their employees in Silicon Valley, CA.

Obama restricted the same seven countries as Trump, by law a year ago. Yet that “small” detail is being kept from the public by the MSM and one Google heads most likely failed to inform its employees while “forcing” them to protest.

Isn’t the actions of Amazon and Google chiefs a type of employee intimidation, which is illegal? Doesn’t this fall under the law forbidding management from activities that create a “hostile work” environment.

What if an employee agrees with the Trump ban, and is told by his/her supervisor to join a company sponsored protest while handing them a sign to carry? Imagine the fear of retaliation instilled if that employee refuses to participate or voices disagreement?

According to Fox News, Google has launched a fund that will match up to 2 million dollars of employee “donations” to fund the ACLU lawsuit along with others who are suing. It is sure these employee “donations” will be done through payroll deductions and closely monitored to see who “gives” and who doesn’t. Yep, Big Brother on steroids.

Aren’t these actions a direct violation of every one of those employees’ First Amendment right protecting political speech?

It is widely known fact of Soro’s “meddling” into US politics and elections spending millions to promote and assist cheating at the ballot boxes and paying protesters among other felonies the US Congress doesn’t have the guts to prosecute. And not surprising Soros is spearheading this effort to go after Trump, again sending millions to the ACLU and paying protesters to endanger the security of others at international airports.

Another company, travel giant, Expedia, is also jumping into the lawsuit. Hum, travel company, Trump’s travel restrictions, no there is no conflict of interest there. No concern over possible lost profits. Right. Are we seeing a pattern here?

So why are these giants of worldwide industry suddenly turning on a fellow business icon who is pro-business, pro-economic growth and pro-American? Why are they stabbing the back of the first president since Reagan who understands a free market economy and is willing to do what is necessary to achieve growth?

Why? He is indeed pro-American. And as the Commander-in-Chief during dangerous times, Trump is taking action to secure the borders, and stop terrorist “refugees” who are seeking to flood into the US as they have done in Europe. “Refugees” who are raping, murdering, pillaging and instituting a terror environment of chaos and lawlessness.

They have one goal and one only: to force the submission of ALL citizens to bow to Mohammed and accept sharia law. In shorter terms, President Trump is actually “keeping” his sworn oath to protect the legal American citizens, unlike the previous Commander-in-Chaos these Soros elitists so adore.

But these progressive corporate traitors do not care about the security of the country. They are building themselves huge underground compounds to hide away if things go south. They live in their ivory castles only interested in how they can enforce “their” Soros elitist idealism onto the rest of the world; enslaving the majority of humans into their servitude.

Now more than ever President Trump needs the support of the American people to combat these evil doers. The war is raging, don’t give up the fight to save the United States of America!