PUBLISHED: 9:37 PM 5 Aug 2016
UPDATED: 9:38 PM 5 Aug 2016

This Congressman Just Said “No White Males For Internship,” How Tolerant (Sarcasm)

Shocked CrowdInternships are one of those things in life where you can gain valuable experience in a potential working field. You learn about things that you couldn’t learn in books or a classroom. So everyone really should go out and get an internship. However it’s a little difficult to apply for an internship when someone basically limits who should apply to one.

DENIEDThis was the case with Minnesota Democrat Keith Ellison. His office is hiring interns for the fall, but there is a slight catch. His hiring page says this. ““While Congressman Ellison encourages all individuals to apply, applicants with strong ties to the Fifth District or Minnesota are preferred.”

Okay that is understandable, considering how it would be difficult for someone in Iowa to intern in Minnesota. Unless the position has telecommunication, then you would want someone who is close by.

But here is the questionable part. The page also said this. “People of color, LGBTQ individuals, women, and people with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.” Notice a group missing?

Keith Ellison

He “encourages” all groups to apply, unless you’re a straight white male

That’s correct. It seems that Congressman Ellison doesn’t want straight white men to apply for this position. If that wasn’t enough, it appears that this was added RECENTLY. The same page from September of last year didn’t contain this added stipulation.

Group of White men

We’re not encouraged to apply for this internship

Also absent from the page was something that you normally find at the bottom of any job application or internship application. “We do not discriminate based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.”

Isn’t it funny how that is absent when they are trying to discriminate against straight white males? Of course if this was happening against any other group, then the media and the Internet would completely outraged. And yet there is nothing to be said about this discrimination.


Democrats are always trying to show they’re more accepting, yet they deny whites? Because that makes sense

Democrats always boast that they are the “open” party, and yet this internship position is not exactly open to everyone. Isn’t it ironic how that happens? If they really wanted to be an “open” party, then there would have been no need to add that last line.

In fact instead of being portrayed as an “open” party, the Democrats could be portrayed as intolerant of Whites. That’s not going to get any media coverage though, because that would go against the Liberal ideologies that they want to protect.

So White males in Minnesota are discouraged from applying. They want to include everyone but the whites. Because that is completely tolerant.

Share this article if you are questioning the language that was used in this internship application. It really seems like they don’t want straight white males to apply. Because that shows how open the party is.