Heist Foiled By Thief Who Can’t Drive

PUBLISHED: 9:57 PM 24 Jan 2018

Thief Attempts Daring Heist From Hotel Valet, Can’t Get Very Far

This could have turned out very different if the thief wasn’t clueless.

This thief really wanted a Ferrari but he didn't get far.

There are times when a simple, “I’m sorry” just does not cut it. Certainly, we live in a time when every little infraction is used as a cause for some big uproar that need not have happened. However, when a $300,000 Ferrari is accidentally handed over to the wrong party, one can expect fury to mount and lawsuits to fly like dust in a sandstorm.

While few would believe it to be possible, the owner of just this very car “is suing Marriott International, saying a hotel valet gave his keys to a young man who was trying to impress a woman he just met,” Yahoo News confirms. Once the people responsible face the justice that is surely on the way, it is unlikely that anyone is going to impressed with anything except the length of the jail terms. The thief even had difficulty handling the car with any skill whatsoever.

James “Skip” Fowler, 73, “parked his yellow 458 Italia Spider” outside of the Vinoy Renaissance Resort & Golf Club last summer, on July 27th. He was attending a convention of attorneys which was taking place in St. Petersburg.

The impressive 2014 street machine sat in the parking spot where it was left safely for over 12 hours until 28-year-old Levi Miles arrived. He told the valet that the car was his and “demanded” that he turn over the keys to him. The excuse used was that the ticket proving ownership was in the car and that he would get it to her once he was let into it.

Miles and the girl who he was attempting to woo sat in the sports car for a very long time but never produced the ticket. In time, the attendant stopped paying any mind to the couple and “figured he wasn’t getting a tip.” The fact that Miles was so brazen as to be willing to risk the rightful owner coming out at any moment shows that he must have found the lady of his desires, Chloe Rimmer, worthy of quite a risk!

Miles and the woman departed with her in the passenger seat. All was going well until an officer saw that the car was driving without taillights. It seems that Miles not only stole the car for a joyride but that he also put the unit at risk by driving it badly.

He was said to be having “difficulting handling the Ferrari,” too. God only knows what condition the transmission was in after this ride was over.

Even more troublesome for the pair, cocaine was found on the counsel of the yellow dream car and weed was found in Rimmer’s purse. The driver has told a number of different stories as to how the theft happened. He admits to saying, “Yeah, that’s my car,” when the Rimmer asked if he owned it.

I was just trying to impress the girl I just met at the Vinoy,” he confessed to lawmen. Miles goes on to say that he is innocent of grand theft since the keys were given to him by the valet. It can not be imagined that this reasoning is going to impress the judge much, however.

Miles is looking at “charges of cocaine possession and habitually driving with a suspended or revoked license.”

Fowler, the rightful owner, blames 717 Parking Enterprises. He complains that he had to fork out “significant sums” to have his car inspected after the joyride concluded and the arrests were made. Also, “repairs and legal fees” were incurred while the car has lost some of its overall value over the mishap.

While life may seem like a day in “Feris Bueller’s Day Off,” the reality is that these antics are going to land Miles, if not his would-be date, behind bars.

That won’t likely impress Ms. Rimmer very much at all, no matter how much weed she may have smoked.

Source: Yahoo NewsThe Conservative Daily Post