PUBLISHED: 10:34 PM 8 Dec 2017

“They’re Too Pure”: Liberal News Host Offers INSANE Defense As Accused Dem Resigns

Maybe Chris Matthews is getting a little confused?

Maybe Chris Matthews is getting a little confused?

This week has seen the Democrats taking some hard blows. Representative John Conyers announced his retirement and Senator Al Franken resigned his seat. They have been fighting for a long time to oust Republicans but when the truth comes out, they are the ones left looking bad.

Liberal new host Chris Matthews of MSNBC’s “Hardball” offered up his own baffling description of Democrats. Perhaps he was trying to be positive about two of their own being accused of harassment? Whatever his intention, he simply came off sounding weak and confused. Matthews comment was directed towards Jason Johnson of The Root;

“I don’t know how you can avoid the education in this. The worst you can say about Democrats is they’re too pure. And that’s a stupid thing to say. But that’s the worst thing you can say about them. These guys set too high a standard for public office. How’s that for an argument? My opponents, the party of my opposition, they set too high a standard. You know, come on. What do you think?

At least someone seemed to understand Matthews. Jason Johnson, editor of The Root.

Johnson obviously understood Matthews. He picked up on the host’s message and ran with it.

“But I think it’s important that the Democratic Party has at least remained consistent. Look, they’re not gonna win over Roy Moore voters with this; they’re not gonna win over Trump voters with this. But what you can do, there’s something to be said, and voters will pick this up. Voters don’t like parties that aren’t consistent. They don’t trust you when you preach one thing and your policy is something else.”

They seem to be saying that because the Franken and Conyers are stepping down, it means they are holding up the stance of caring about women’s issues? There are more than a few problems with that claim. One, Democrats rushed to defend both of these men. It took weeks of more and more women coming forward for them to finally push for resignations. Even now, some Democrats are continuing their support for the two politicians.

Second, both of them have continued to deny the allegations. Franken went with the “I remember it differently” defense while Conyers opted for the “I’m retiring because of my health not resigning over allegations.” Is anyone buying this?

Apparently, Chris Matthews is along with Jason Johnson who went on to say;

“I think it increases enthusiasm; it makes people much more happy about the party. It may not bring any Republicans over, but it will certainly make Democrats much happier, and they can bring some attention and some excitement to what might be Keith Ellison, or the woman lieutenant governor of Minnesota running for that position.”

Matthews obliviously agreed, “I was thinking that, too. Well said, there, Jason.”

If that is what they truly believe, then Republicans should have no problem in the next election.

Source: The Daily Wire