PUBLISHED: 5:25 PM 1 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 6:38 PM 1 Dec 2017

“They Should Do More”: Gun Control City Reaches Record Breaking Number As More Than 300 Dead

Baltimore's Mayor Pugh is finding that her city is losing faith in her leadership.

Baltimore’s Mayor Pugh is finding that her city is losing faith in her leadership.

On November 17th, the Conservative Daily Post reported on how Baltimore’s Mayor, Catherine E. Pugh, was taking heat for not being able to squelch the relentless killing that is going on in her city. As it stands, Baltimore is starting to be thought of as a second Chicago, and we all know how easy it is to die there. Now that only criminals have guns, the innocent are sitting ducks.

Today, the Baltimore Sun reveals that a 21-year-old man who has not been identified is “the 319th homicide victim in the city in 2017; raising the total beyond the 318 killings that occurred in Baltimore” during all of last year. With almost two full months remaining, it is hard to predict just how foul Pugh’s woes may end up being if she does not find a solution. Some residents have called for the police to “do more,” but that is also a slipperly slope.

A lady recovering in her home from surgery, Aleasha Bowie, said that her kids often play right where this murder occurred. The 40-year-old mother said, “I got four good kids. I’m trying to have them make it out of here. We at a bad spot in this city.

The number of people killed with two months left in 2017 is already higher than the number of people killed in Baltimore during all 12 months of 2016.

Mayor Pugh has referred to the never-ceasing violence as “out of control,” but stating the obvious with cliches are not going to revive her dismal popularity numbers any.

Others who dwell in the city are terrified that their kids will grow up without fathers and mothers, as the Sun reports also.

Crossfire killings are not uncommon, and since many of the murderers are often thugs who have watched too many gangsta’ music videos before they start “street sweeping,” the likelihood of that happening grows by leaps and bounds.

The problem is not the entertainment, but rather, the lack of solid family units to convey what is fiction and what is not. Fathers are not in the home, mothers are either working or exhausted, and now law enforcement is left to figure out how to deal with the aftermath.

That is the dejected truth and there is no easy solution, as Pugh is seeing. Sure, allowing more honest citizens to own and carry guns more easily would help, but that is not the total cure. Do we want cops stopping and frisking everyone who may look like a stoner? How about everyone with a tattoo or plays loud music?

It is time for blacks and whites to stop bickering about race and start fixing our broken culture. Thuggery knows no color, that argument is just smoke and mirrors.

Do we want cops searching cars with or without permission to find anything in our cars as our 4th Amendment dies in the name of safety? When we ask the cops to “do more,” as some residents did in the Sun article, that is what may happen if they do.

Maybe that isn’t what we want, but if we don’t spend more time focussing on what is being absorbed as fact by our children, what we have is a terrible young adult. We can’t hide troublesome media from our kids in the ages of cell phones, but we can certainly explain C

Clearly, we are not doing that.

Source: The Baltimore Sun