PUBLISHED: 7:07 PM 11 Oct 2016

The Man Who Leaked Trump’s Audio Tape, Republican Party DISGRACED


He Has Disgraced The Republican Party

This past weekend we have seen a lot of political action. First we saw the release of the Donald Trump tapes. Then we saw several prominent Republicans say they are taking back their endorsements of Trump. Finally we saw the debate where it was brought up, but then everyone seemed to forget about it after Trump’s amazing performance.

Going back to when the Trump tapes were released, the backlash was immediate. House Speaker Paul Ryan even said that Trump was not going to appear at their scheduled event on Saturday.

He released a statement explaining the following: “I am sickened by what I heard today. Women are to be championed and revered, not objectified. I hope Mr. Trump treats this situation with the seriousness it deserves and works to demonstrate to the country that he has greater respect for women than this clip suggests.”

After the debate ended, Ryan once again said that he would no longer be campaigning with or defending Trump for the rest of the election. It was a little odd considering that Ryan hasn’t defended Trump at all. All he has done was attack the GOP candidate.

There is a reason that he has attacked him. Liberty University president Jerry Falwell, Jr. suggested that some of the GOP elites were the people that released the tapes in the first place! It makes sense considering that none of them were supporting Trump and only offered their support begrudgingly.

That suggestion is more true than ever! One of Speaker Ryan’s top advisors is behind the leaks, according to several rumors. Mike Cernovich on Twitter tweeted at Dan Senor asking him for a comment. “@dansenor Writing about #BillyBush tapes, hearing your wife (ex NBC) got a hold of tapes and you pushed the story for your boss. Comment?”


This Was The Beginning Of The End

Cernovich isn’t the only reporter to think that. Jim Hoft has been suggesting that Ryan or someone close to him was responsible for the leaks! After Ryan cancelled the scheduled event on Saturday, Hoft tweeted out that it was “funny how that works.”


He Brings Up A Good Point

Dan Senor is supposed to be a Republican and yet he has been pushing the tapes for a long time. He has sent out some tweets that showed him urging members of the media to continue asking questions about the leaked tapes.

“Note to media: if interviewing Trump surrogates today, focus q’s on tape. Besides Rudy, these surrogates were all hiding over the weekend.” That was sent out at 6:40 in the morning on October 10. It was followed by another tweet about the tapes.

“Now Trump surrogates magically appear b/c debate wasn’t a disaster. You should intv them abt the tape, as though the debate never occurred 2/2.” That was also on October 10. Coincidentally that was the same day that Ryan said he wouldn’t be supporting Trump for the rest of the cycle.

Why is it that so many people on the Republican side are attacking Trump despite his performance during the debate? That is because they were BEHIND the leaks! They never wanted Trump to be their candidate in the first place!


This Was From Ryan’s Top Advisor. Isn’t He Supposed To Support Trump?

tweet-1Think of all the Republicans that Trump defeated in the primaries! The GOP wanted literally anyone but Trump to be the choice for president! They only started to support him after they realized that they don’t have any other choice.

And suddenly these tapes appear and these other prominent GOP members suddenly jump ship. They were never behind him at all. They were looking for anything that would possibly derail Trump’s candidacy.

So the fact that one of Ryan’s top advisors was the one responsible for leaking the tapes on behalf of the GOP elite makes sense. They were never fully behind Trump and want to see another career politician step into the fight. So what they did was used Senor’s wife’s career at NBC to get the tapes and release it to the Washington Post.

House Speaker Paul Ryan

I wouldn’t Be Laughing Considering You Were Behind This Plot

After it was released and the public got word of it, they IMMEDIATELY backed off their support. Why did they do it that fast if they have claimed that they are all for Trump? And the fact that Ryan cancelled the FIRST public appearance between the two is just the icing on the cake.

Trump has faced opposition from not only Democrats and the media but also other Republicans. Instead of focusing on the problems that Hillary Clinton and her various scandals, they choose to focus on issues that hurt the Republicans. Whatever happened to Clinton’s emails? Some of them suddenly went missing!

In addition to that, they have used these attacks to try and advocate for voting for Clinton. They have proclaimed that the members of the Democrats are honest! How can they be honest if Wikileaks has to point out when they are doing things that are ILLEGAL!

Share this article to show that members of the GOP were behind the Trump tapes. The evidence is all right there! And all of a sudden Ryan cancels all of his public appearances with the GOP presidential candidate? This is all part of a scheme to try and get Trump to drop out of the race! But that isn’t going to happen!

This is just another reason to vote for Trump. All of the career politicians want him out! Keep in mind that these were the people that didn’t want to support him until it was too late!

Now they suddenly want to leave? Bye! When Trump wins, you will be replaced with someone that will actually work for the American people!