PUBLISHED: 2:01 PM 14 Sep 2016
UPDATED: 6:18 PM 16 Sep 2016

The Guccifer Leak Is Finally Here! Hillary And Dems Are FINISHED

Her Campaign Is Done!

Her Campaign Is Done!

Her Campaign Is Done!

As of Wednesday morning, we have a brand new leak from Guccifer 2.0. This leak is simultaneously the largest and the most detrimental to the Democrats and Hillary Clinton’s campaign. We will cover as much as we have recovered to this point, but the leak is so massive, more is going to be discovered within the coming hours, and we will keep you updated on everything we add.

We are quite possibly looking at the email dump that could cause the biggest shake up yet in this election and WikiLeaks has not even released anything in quite some time like they did back in July.

These new revelations confirm that the DNC operated more like a crime organization than we knew. The leaks in July were nothing compared to the severity of documents released on September 14, 2016. We now have clear cut evidence of more “pay for play,” possible insider trading, Huma Abedin joking in emails about Benghazi, and much more.

The DNC bought and sold more political influence than one could ever imagine. They have proven to be nothing more than a gigantic money laundering organization that provides corporate jobs for the highest donor, and many emails prove that below.

This leak is overwhelming, and we will list the findings, thus far, in a condensed fashion that is easily digestible.


When Donald trump made the claim that Obama and Hillary were the “founders of ISIS,” he was not lying. WikiLeaks proved that with a memo weeks ago (here), and now we have emails and documents from the DCCC proving the exact same thing.  Democrats cannot deny something that they wrote themselves, and they wrote this memo.


Here is a WikiLeaks memo showing that Democrats feared they were being hacked, they advised a warning, then they proceeded to email out passwords anyway. What sense does that make? And they want us to trust Hillary Clinton, of all people, with the highest office in the land? Not a chance.


Hillary has tried to use Colin Powell as her fall guy for using a private, unsecured email server. As if two wrongs make a right, but Powell, in this email, voiced his clear concerns for Hillary in this email to a major donor. Jeffrey Leeds emailed that Hillary could “barely climb the podium” while Colin Powell described how bad she looked after her busy schedule of collecting millions from other corrupt cronies.

It was also stated that the President wouldn’t weep if she found herself in legal trouble. While that is vague, it indicates that Obama may not like Hillary as much as they like to act like he does. Hillary added damage to Obama’s already tainted legacy, so it would make sense that Obama disliked her for several reasons. Especially given that he fired her after 2012.

Email From Colin Powell About President Not Liking Hillary, And Criminal Issues Are Substantial

Email From Colin Powell About President Not Liking Hillary, And Criminal Issues Are Substantial


Everyone is well aware that liberal kingpin George Soros pays groups to protest and cause problems. Well, apparently the DNC did the exact same thing. In this document below, it shows that the DNC sent their interns to stage protests when Soros could not send out his own mob of goons to do the damage.

They staged these protests to illicit media coverage and to change the narrative on stories. More emails have revealed the DNC and George Soros were behind the paid protesters that were disrupting Donald Trump rallies months back. Have you seen protesters cause problems today like they did before? No, because the DNC hasn’t ordered them to protest lately.


Years back, Rod Blagojevich, the Illinois governor, was sentenced to 14 years in prison for trying to sell Barack Obama’s empty Senate seat. Well, in this email below, you will see Jacquelyn Lopez using the words “pay to play” as a way to describe the donations sent to Obama for America which is now Organizing for America. 

But wait, we can also see that Ambassadorships are up for grabs, too, if you are the highest bidder. By the way, that is insanely illegal.

Here some name worthy individuals that were caught in the DNC “pay for play” scheme. This is truly unbelievable. A quick free background check revealed all this info.

And another…

And another one…


This is arguably the hardest punch to the gut. We all remember that Hillary and her goons blamed Benghazi on a video and protest as opposed to taking any blame.

Here is an email, from Huma Abedin (Hillary’s top aide) joking about Hillary sparking “peaceful” protests. Look at that date stamp. That email was the SAME DAY she attended the coffin ceremony for the four Americans she let die in Benghazi. This happened on the same exact day Hillary lied to the faces of the families that lost their loved ones in Benghazi.

They are laughing about this. They think it is funny. Do you?


This is quite possibly the most damaging leak to come out yet and we are only getting started. This latest dump will be the last punch Hillary and the Democrats can take. Imagine how damaging all of this is so far. There will be much more, and it is only going to get worse.

Please stay advised for more leaks coming.