PUBLISHED: 6:23 PM 10 Apr 2017

The Global Warming Narrative Just Took A Big Hit As Evidence Points To Comical Reality


The global warming cult just found out that plants are doing better than ever, as their narratives fall apart.

Man is to blame for everything, at least that is what the left likes to say. Man is evil, for it is humankind that causes so much suffering in the world, and so much life on the Earth “weeps” because of the heartless things that humans do. Just recanting the tale draws to mind self-righteous liberals protesting with poorly crafted signs about how the planet is warming. Well, in the very few places where it is, a new study has shown that plants, not man, are to blame. Sorry, snowflakes.

Any warming which was seen during the 19th and 20th centuries was caused by “greater plant photosynthesis,” according to work published by the University of California at Merced. Their website says, “the sum of all plant photosynthesis on Earth grew by 30 percent over the 200-year record captured.” To reflect on our school days, this is the system by which carbon dioxide is converted into carbohydrates so that plants can live. This means that even though scientists do not know what caused the plants do this fully, it is very clear that the very trees that Democrats have been hugging for 20 years are actually their “guilty culprit” that has been warming the globe, NOT MAN!


Data keeps showing how awfully wrong the Gore Climate Change crowd has been.

Their article states that “The research did not identify the cause of the increased photosynthesis, but computer models have shown several processes that could, together, create such a large change in global plant growth.” The theory seems to be that man’s carbon dioxide is actually good for plants, something that many have known for quite some time. This is no shock to anyone who paid attention in school enough to know that plants feed on exactly what the left wants to remove, which is carbon dioxide. Maybe mankind IS evil! This study appears to show that the words “LEFT WANTS TO STARVE THE PLANTS,” is there for anyone willing to take the truthful headline and run with it.

Rush Limbaugh pointed out many years ago that if increased carbon levels were killing plants, then why would weeds, grass, thorns, thickets, bushes, trees, and brambles (to name only a “few”) all grow so abundantly on freeways? If the area is prone to traffic jams, the greenery is even harder to slow due to its rapid growth caused by CO2 in the exhaust as the vehicle sits. This is all caused by carbon dioxide levels going up, not down. The left has the whole science backward and this matters since it is Mr. Joe Taxpayer who has been paying for this nonsense for decades!


As more and more information becomes known to the voters about how the Democrats stole vast amounts of their money for a lie, they will be furious!

Now, before the left gets out the markers to make a new protest sign for how we need to “Stop Carbon Emissions to Slow Plant Growth and Cure Global Warming,” let us understand that this would be madness. “The rising CO2 level stimulates crops yields,” says lead researcher Elliott Campbell, a professor at UC Merced. How many billions of dollars has man wasted on producing Genetically Modified Food that feeds more people while poisoning them? Just increasing the CO2 produces more food, as this study proves. This is something that “Big Agriculture” and the Monsanto crowd can’t profit from. They can, however, make a fortune by lying about climate change.

Campbell continues by stating that this shows us “a fundamental shift in the Earth’s plants” and also that “global plant growth should be a central goal for the human race.” The plants that the “diabolically evil mankind monster” has been choking to death with our increased CO2 levels are growing and producing as never before. It seems that, like the Affordable Care Act that was as expensive as anything in America, everything that the left says proves to be true in reverse only.


Everyone recalls how the left portrayed “shedding” Polar Bears as dying, when they do this every year and always have.

The global warming cult will now erupt into a pure fury because they shall say that the rising seas levels and other supposed hardships are also a problem, but let us reason on this. We have proof that the planet has not warmed in almost 19 years now. The warm weather seen in parts of America this year is part of the “El Nino” jet stream activity that has been around for epochs, long before the combustion engine and most cave dwellings, as a matter of fact. We have stacks of proof (that rival the size of the tax code) proving that man is not warming the planet at all. Therefore, any warming is natural, and as such, beyond our control. Facts tell us that the sun’s activity and planetary shifts (which are not that uncommon on a micro level) are much more to blame for any warming than anything at all that man is doing.

None of this is to imply that there is not a need to find better ways to have our energy needs met. Burning fossil fuels isn’t doing anything at all to the planet, but it is creating cancer, lung, and heart problems for every PERSON alive. There is no “answer” to this, such as charging more for gas so that people drive less or freeze in the winter on fixed incomes. That is pure insanity. Instead, there are answers, plural. We must understand that if Saudi Arabia can produce oil, whether it warms the planet or not, then so can we. Does Earth not “warm” when they do it? That too is insanity, to buy our fuel from a nation that helped drive planes into our towers. We must produce our own energy. Even if man was warming the planet, it would happen if THEY make the energy, anyhow, so we need to stop the farce and do so ourselves.


As smoking rates have fallen, lung cancer rates have risen, due to nuclear elements in the air and fossil fuels. Clean coal helps eliminate much of this as we find new ways to help without killing the economy.

While this is happening, HUGE advances need to be made in other forms of travel, heating fuel, and in most areas of energy production and consumption. That means getting rid of the heaping pile of regulations that hamper such development. It means less taxes on people developing such technologies, too, and this is the rub for the spenders on the left. It is also a fact that “Big Oil” won’t welcome the new changes, so they fund it is as little as possible and promote it even less.

Many will recall that George Soros funds the big oil companies as much as the green groups that he is known for, something the media hides from major coverage since it highlights their entire scam. The MSM is as complicit in this as anyone since they are rooted to such agendas due to who owns and funds them. The faster we understand these facts, the soon we can stop being charged for something that is no more real than the statement that the Affordable Care Act was affordable.