PUBLISHED: 4:11 PM 14 Sep 2016
UPDATED: 4:17 PM 14 Sep 2016

The Fall Of Cassandra: Their Master Plan To Secure 3rd Term And Disqualify Trump

Who Really IS This Man?

Make no mistake. This man will attempt to do what he has set out to accomplish.

Make no mistake. This man will attempt to do what he has set out to accomplish.

The political landscape is shifting. In just months, the election trail has become more heated than any other race in recent history. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have gone head to head, but on vastly different terms.

Trump is determined to put America on the path to Greatness. His policies are sound and his voice does not waver. He is a man of strength and commands dignity, the very dignity our country deserves, but desperately lacks given the current administration.

Clinton, on the other hand, has built not only an election campaign, but a career, on lies, deceit, and hatred. Her actions, fueled by self-interest and executed with incompetence, have done nothing but destroy the lives of countless American families.

Her failures have forced true American heroes into martyrdom. But, with almost poetic justice, the Clintons have finally begun to fall. Hillary, plagued with pneumonia and brain damage due to a blood clot, has only begun to reap the seeds she has so willingly sown.

The story goes deeper though. The Obama Administration, along with the private and “public” agencies that protect and empower the left, is not content on relinquishing it’s power. To see the full picture, take a step back. Why would the Democratic Party show such little concern for Hillary’s health?

Instead of attempting to address her health issues (which are obviously of grave concern), the Democratic Party is content on pushing her for as long as they can. Just days ago at the 9/11 memorial she had a seizure and passed out. How did they respond? They acted as if it was a routine procedure, dragging her limp and convulsing body to the bulletproof caravan.

No, the Obama Administration does not truly care about the Clintons. Take a trip back in history and witness for yourself, as Obama declares with a concrete firmness that Hillary Rodham Clinton is unqualified and unfit for the presidency:

So what’s changed? Absolutely nothing. Obama has come to love his overarching power; do you think he plans to give it up so easily? So far it has allowed him and his friends to amass wealth and connections beyond anything that could be possible in a non-governmental environment.

Furthermore, one man believes that what we are now witnessing the final stage of Obama’s plan to institute himself as the only president to have their time in office extended for an indefinite “third term.”

It is referred to as the “Fall of Cassandra” affect; with the current political landscape, it would work almost flawlessly. If and when Hillary Rodham Clinton dies (they have already tested the release of this information on a local ABC station in New York) the will claim that Russia poisoned her.


When that happens, Trump will be disqualified from the presidency given that he is on speaking terms with Putin and would be considered “suspect.” During the time of the investigation (which could take months, or even years), Obama will assume a third term of indefinite length and will not “step down” until the case is “resolved.”

Given what we know already, there’s no way that case is going to support true justice. They will take advantage of the legislative system just like they have done thus far with Hillary’s proceedings.

Do not be fooled. They will try this if, and when they get the chance. Arm yourselves with this knowledge and be prepared to spread this like wildfire when it happens. So far, Trump and his supporters have continued to stay one step of Hillary Clinton and her crooked friends. It’s the only thing that has kept the fire going, and we can’t stop now. Information is power, and united we can stand to defeat them.