Confederate Flag Back?

PUBLISHED: 10:18 PM 10 Jul 2018
UPDATED: 6:40 PM 11 Jul 2018

The Confederate Flag Raised Again At South Carolina Capitol

Three years after the flag was removed due to demands from leftists across the nation, a local government party has raised it again.

Three years after the flag was taken down when the state of South Carolina gave in to leftists, political activists raised it again to remind people that Southern culture and pride wasn't going anywhere.

The flag of the Confederacy flew at the South Carolina capitol for decades. However, in 2015, as the ‘progressive’ left was busy trying to bury parts of history that they found unsavory, they demanded that the flag come down in South Carolina. On July 10, 2015, the state lowered the banner that they chose to fly for years one final time.

Three years later to the day, however, the Sons of the South, as well as the Daughters of the South, have erected a temporary flagpole to raise the Confederate battle flag once again, in hopes of reminding the locals that proud descendants of the fight for state’s rights are still here. The move stunned leftists, and shocked many who thought they would never see the flag at the Capitol building again.

The South Carolina Secessionist Party said that it would fly the flag on a temporary pole at the capitol for several hours today.

According to local lawmakers, the reasoning behind their removal of the ‘rebel flag’ was prompted after the murder of nine black Christians at their church in South Carolina. Instead of simply penalizing the shooter, who by all accounts was a fairly awful person, they decided to take down the flag and do away with a part of Southern history and culture.

The SCSP has promised that it will continue to repeat the peaceful demonstration every single year, so that there won’t be a single year that passes “without the Confederate flag flying,” according to their website.

A quick perusal of their website reveals that the group is not some organization of Klansman looking for a flag to rally around or anything else that leftists in the media and politics tend to connect to the rebel flag.

Indeed, on their front page, they have a petition that demands the South Carolina Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum honor the black men who fought for the Confederate military. According to the petition, they are currently not represented in the displays within the Museum.

That hardly seems like the ideology of a racist.

Their ‘about us’ page doesn’t mention race either, though it does mention a desire to stand strong against government corruption and political correctness in South Carolina and across the nation.

Their page mostly talks about preserving the pride of southerners and the southern way of life in general.

Their platform seems generally conservative in nature.

They’re in favor of fighting against political correctness and preserving southern heritage and pride. They’re against abortion, for example, but in favor of at least talking about legalizing marijuana, admitting that the ‘War on Drugs’ has been costly and with little to show for it.

They’re against gun control as the political left would have it, and in favor of strong borders and border security.

The SCSP is in favor of stricter screening, including drug screening, for those who take advantage of the social ‘safety net,’ and they are also in favor of decreasing taxes through the implementation of the ‘Fair Tax.’

The group despises political correctness and believes that those who move to America (or to South Carolina from other states) should assimilate to the local culture, rather than making locals adapt to them.

They’re in favor of returning control of education standards and systems to the state level, and abolishing the Department of Education.

The Secessionists are in favor of same-sex marriage, though they also realize that the federal government has no right to tell states what does and does not constitute a ‘legal’ marriage. The original conflict was largely connected to the defense of state’s rights.

The party is also vehemently against racism.

Although history has done its best to paint the Confederacy as evil and the Union as free of the taint of racism, the reality is quite otherwise.

In fact, during the war, New York City was home to one of the worst race riots in American history, commonly known as the ‘New York City Draft Riots.’

The riots were over the fact that Irish-born and Irish-descended New Yorkers were angry that they had to compete with African-Americans for work, and also angry that the wealthy could pay $300 (which is equal to about $9,200 in today’s money) and avoid military service.

Meanwhile, the Irish were fighting in record numbers in the war, and some were even pressed into service straight off the boats from Roisin Dubh.

The result was a race riot that claimed 120 lives, destroyed Protestant churches, and black-owned properties, and at least one lynching by the mob.

Furthermore, during the war, the Emancipation Proclamation, during which Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves (after repeatedly violating the constitution in the name of waging war) did not cover slaves everywhere in the nation. Indeed, the war resulted in freedom only for slave-owning states that attempted to secede, not Northern ones.

American history across the nation is filled with events that some would not want to remember. Are Americans expected to sacrifice bits of history to a politically-correct mob until nothing remains but a white-washed past and pedestals without statues?

Racism is atrocious, and slavery was more so. Pretending that it never happened, though, and removing anyone from history who had a slave or did something racist would result in children missing out on a lot of American history, including the presidency of Lyndon Johnson – the man who signed the Civil Rights Act into law.