PUBLISHED: 7:39 PM 30 Jan 2017
UPDATED: 7:41 PM 30 Jan 2017

The ACLU Just Banned Trump’s Executive Order, And The Man Who Funded It Was Just Revealed

BUSTED!!! Soros behind funding of legal action against President Trump!!

BUSTED!!! Soros behind funding of legal action against President Trump!!

BUSTED!!! Soros behind funding of legal action against President Trump!!

The ACLU is charging ahead against President Trump’s executive order to keep terrorists off U.S. soil. One may wonder who is putting millions into their latest “cause” to disrupt and create chaos for national security? You guessed it, none other than evil George Soros.

Not only is Soros funding the flurry of lawsuits against the order, he is actually getting one liberal activist judge to stay the ban. Just as he did during the presidential election, Soros is paying protesters to bombard international airports across the country. He is creating a nightmare for airport security, endangering the lives of LEGAL Americans and other foreign travelers who are cleared to enter the US.

These Marxist inspired usurpers of the Democratic Party seem to forget WHO showed up to vote at the last presidential election. According to Breitbart’s Aaron Klein, those signing the lawsuit filed Saturday to block Trump’s executive order included immigration lawyers from groups financed by Soros, reported PJ Media.

Representing two Iraqi refugees being detained at Kennedy Airport in NY, Soros paid lawyers filed a legal challenge Saturday morning seeking to have their clients released along with a class action certification motion to represent all refugees being detained for vetting.

Professional "protesters" paid for the coordinated PR campaign against President Trump

Professional “protesters” paid by the Soros coordinated PR campaign against President Trump

The suit was filed by lawyers from the International Refugee Assistance Project, the National Immigration Law Center, the Jerome N. Frank Legal Services Organization at Yale Law School, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and the International Refugee Assistance Project (formerly Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project) at the Urban Justice Center, according PJ Media’s well documented article.

Soros’s Open Society Foundations is the lead source of funding for the ACLU in recent years, including a $50 million grant in 2014.

The National Immigration Law Center and The Urban Justice Center are also big benefactors of many Open Society grants earmarked for general support. Listed on the suit against President Trump is Taryn Higashi, executive director of the Center’s International Refugee Assistance Project. Higashi serves on the Advisory Board of the International Migration Initiative of what foundation? Again, you guessed it the Soros’s Open Society Foundations.

See a pattern here? A pattern that has been disrupting political elections and national policy for decades now.

The puppeteer and master of lies and deception!!!

The puppeteer and master of lies and deception!!!

Open-borders  Soros has  spearheaded the charge for world-wide open borders in recent years including providing approximately $76 million for immigrant issues over the past decade, as Soros-funded “immigrant rights groups” helped influence President Obama’s immigration policy.

Because of the Soros coordinated PR machine, it is being widely reported in the MSM that Trump’s order includes  Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, Iran, and Iraq. So what is the MSM not telling the people? These countries were already under limited restriction by the Obama Administration. President Trump only specifically mentions Syria in his executive order.

Obama signed into law, The Terrorist Travel Prevention Act on December 18, 2015, as part of the Omnibus Appropriations Act of FY2016. President Trump is enforcing the existing law by taking action through executive action to make sure the job gets done.

Furthermore Obama banned ALL refugees from Iraq in 2011 and not so much of peep in outrage was heard from the MSM and progressive democrats. Interesting, the Soros funded legal thugs and paid protesters are actually decrying a law enacted by their “anointed one” Obama. How convenient for Soros the MSM is failing to report this “minor” detail.

How convenient the Soros elitist Progressive Democrats are being protected by a bought and sold national press who are the only “credible” news outlets of “truth.” All of the others reporting these documented FACTS are just “fake news” that need to be silenced now.

And silencing the people and “state” run media is only one aspect of their Alinsky model agenda. Soros has led and funded every charge to dismantle the Constitution, our rights and the very sovereignty of the United States.alinsky lucifer

What a tangled web Soros weaves to deceive, one specifically designed to confuse and overwhelm the system and the people. One so intricately set up with so many different “not for profit” organizations interacting it has been difficult for the average system to untangle the huge maze of deception.

But Soros never counted on watchdog organizations like Conservative Daily Post, Breitbart and other online sources instantly accessible to millions of Americans to emerge and put a damper on his evil plans. Organizations who sift through the “fake news” and propaganda of the MSM and seek to report the TRUTH.

As a result of these media outlets, Soros and his clandestine methods are rapidly being exposed on a daily basis and led to the uprising of the “Deporables” to vote a true Patriotic Christian President into the highest office of the country. A president and commander-in-chief who puts the safety and interests of America first, refusing to pander and cow toe to those who seek to do the US harm.

Those living on the country’s very soil and some “serving” in what is the deceitful establishment of DC politics. An embedded establishment of self interest and enrichment leaving only the crumbs of the nation’s wealth to the America worker. Stealing billions from the people’s retirement fund to pad their own exorbitant retirement.

Forcing the people they are “suppose” to be representing to an oppressive and controlling health care law designed to break the health care system not fix it, at the tax payers expense.

Dangerous policies leaving the US border open for millions of illegal immigrants and terrorists to flood in to illegally vote for Soros candidate Queen Hillary. Yet nothing is every reported by MSM about the former Nazi “meddling” in US elections. They instead drum up some “fake news” conspiracy to put the focus on Russia, while they conduct their scandalous, illegal shady activities.

All progressive policies implemented over the past eight years, designed and pushed by George Soros. Yes, the Soros locomotive was rolling along at super train speeds and then it his a wall.

Our President needs your support. Fight On!!!