Pro-Trump Student Bullied

PUBLISHED: 8:10 PM 20 Sep 2018

Texas Teacher On Leave After “Bullying” Pro-Trump Student

The teacher, who is still being paid, was reportedly assigned to other duties that don’t involve dealing with students.

An AP biology teacher at McNeil High School in Round Rock, Texas was recently placed on leave for allegedly bullying one of who students who expressed support for President Donald Trump (pictured above).

Just recently, an ‘angry’ high school AP biology teacher in Round Rock, Texas was accused of harassing a student who purportedly expressed his support for President Donald Trump. Following the allegation, the teacher, who allegedly referred to Trump supporters as “Trumpies,” has, quite shockingly, still been allowed to work.

Specifically, the administrators simply placed the educator on paid leave, which involved assigning her to other duties that don’t involve interacting with students. Countless people would undoubtedly agree, however, that this sort of immature liberal trying to indoctrinate and control our kids should not be continuing to collect a paycheck from taxpayers.

According to reports, the incident, which apparently occurred at McNeil High School on the fifth day back from summer vacation, initially started with the teacher, who has yet to be identified, calling a conservative student who expressed support for Trump’s tax plan “Trumpy” during class, instead of his actual name.

During class, for instance, she would reportedly look at the student and ask questions such as, “hey, Trumpy, do you have an answer to this?” or “what do you think, Trumpy?” While addressing him and a group of others who were near him, she also purportedly stated, “oh, it seems like I have a table full of Trumpies over there.”

In addition to that, the teacher at one point also asked, “now, you’re not going to fight me when we start talking about evolution, are you?” in an apparent attempt to further mock his views.   

Alarmingly, while speaking to reporters about the incident, the boy’s mother, who wants her son’s teacher permanently removed from the classroom, mentioned that the educator also told the class, “by the way, I hate Donald Trump with a burning passion and he is a complete douchebag.”

When pressed about what could have possibly motivated the teacher to behave in such a way, she replied, “I’m not sure why she was that angry.”

As a result of the teacher’s verbal abuse, the student, who purportedly didn’t want to talk about politics in science class, ended up feeling embarrassed and targeted. Upon learning about this, his parents promptly filed a formal complaint against the school.

“He was embarrassed. She completely undermined him, his intelligence, his belief, and his opinions. All of this should stay out of the classroom,” explained the student’s mother.

In response to the complaint, the school’s administrators subsequently placed the teacher on leave while they conducted an investigation into the matter.

“In Round Rock ISD, our goal is to create a classroom environment where students feel safe and respected,” asserted Jenny LaCoste-Caputo, a spokeswoman for the school district, in a statement that has since been released about the matter.

“The teacher was removed from the classroom, pending review, and remains on administrative leave as appropriate action is considered,” she added.

Despite being removed from the classroom, the anti-Trump teacher is still being paid for doing other things that don’t involve interacting with students. Many, however, would agree that doing so is not enough because someone who says such hateful things to a student doesn’t deserve to receive any taxpayer money and should instead be fired. 

Sadly, it’s not uncommon for people to lash out at President Trump and those who support him.

For example, during an interview earlier this week, California Governor Jerry Brown (D) claimed, quite disturbingly, that “something” has to happen to Trump because he may possibly undermine the whole world.

A few weeks prior to that, the editors associated with the Washington Post published what many considered to be an absurd opinion piece that suggested Trump was at least somewhat to blame for the death and destruction that’s caused by natural disasters.

Apparently, he’s “complicit” in the devastation because he has expressed a bit of skepticism about climate change and has emphatically pushed back against the authoritarian left’s campaign to cripple the US economy with massive regulations.

Several days prior the publication of their piece, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) also made sure to bash while speaking at an event in California that was held by the Stonewall Young Democrats.

Alarmingly, she also appeared to celebrate making Trump supporters feel threatened, which may have inspired the teacher in Texas to harass a student who was simply trying to get an education.

Before that, Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-FL), who was impeached as a federal judge for being corrupt and also perjuring himself, joke about President Trump dying. Specifically, he mentioned that it would be a “catastrophe” if the president were drowning and someone decided to rescue him.

And just prior to that, former president Barack Obama seemed to also bash the president while speaking at an event in South Africa. Apparently, he spoke out against leaders who completely make things up and essentially implied that this was what his successor regularly does. Additionally, he also engaged in what many would view as fear mongering by suggesting that democracy may be undone under his Trump’s leadership.  

Apart from the president, the authoritarian left has also called for action against White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders as well as harassed White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway and White House Policy Adviser Stephen Miller.