Police Border Barrier

PUBLISHED: 6:52 PM 12 Feb 2019
UPDATED: 6:53 PM 12 Feb 2019

Texas Takes Border Control Into Its Own Hands: Convoy Police Form Human Barrier

Texans aren’t sitting idly by while massive numbers of illegal criminals flood the border at Eagle Pass, adding lines of police cars to block entry.

Texans are fighting the invasion in their own way.

An unprotected stretch of border near Eagle Pass, Texas has been the site of massive illegal criminal entry so far this year. But rather than wait for help, the Governor Greg Abbott has deployed additional troopers to form a human barrier of cars to stop the massive migrant caravan that arrived in Mexico last week.

Police lined up their cars, aiding Border Patrol agents, at the location that has seen a ridiculous increase of illegal traffic.

After the caravan of criminals invaded Mexican border town of Piedras Negras last week, Abbott knew he needed to act.

“Texans ask: what’s going on at Eagle Pass?” Governor Abbott tweeted, with an image of the vehicles lined up along the Rio Grande River near the border community.

The Del Rio Sector already witnessed a 364 percent increase in the number of migrant families apprehended in the sector, and Eagle Pass falls under the jurisdiction of the Del Rio Sector.

“The apprehension of migrant families in the sector rose from 712 in the first four months of Fiscal Year 2018 to 3,307 this year.

“The apprehension of unaccompanied minors also jumped by 66 percent this year, according to the Southwest Border Migration report released late last week. In addition to the strong law enforcement presence, President Donald Trump re-assigned 250 active duty military personnel to the Eagle Pass area to assist in securing the border region that has no physical barrier infrastructure in place.”

Apparently, the president’s threat of a human wall has been taken literally, and people in Texas are fed up with the illegal invasion that is only growing since democrats have committed their support to open borders.

Donald Trump’s campaign promise of a border wall to stop illegal aliens from invading the United States is being fought by liberals on a number of fronts.

However, a number of patriots are fighting back, like in Texas. Private funding has also raised millions of dollars and the group behind ‘we the people’ plan to break ground within the next few weeks, building a barrier on private property that will meet up  and match the government’s construction.

Moreover, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled yesterday against environmental groups trying to stop the president from building.

In fact, it’s more and more likely that major strides will be made this year to combat the massive criminal invasion.