Texas Shooter Evil

PUBLISHED: 9:08 PM 18 May 2018

Texas Shooter Shows Satanist Background, Nazi, Communist Support

Screen captures were made before law enforcement removed the page. It included animal torture and other heinous images.

The Texas shooter who killed 10 this morning in Santa Fe, Texas, had a background in supporting a number of horrifying things. This likely played a role in today's shooting.

One of the suspects in this morning’s school shooting at the Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas has been identified, and what was revealed about him is disgusting. According to sources in local law enforcement, the suspect is Dimitrios Pagourtzis. Law enforcement in the area said they arrested him, along with an additional ‘person of interest’ in relation to the shooting.

More interesting, though, is his background, and the imagery he brought with him when he allegedly carried out the shooting. His social media accounts and his clothing were filled with Nazi, Communist, and Satanic imagery, and it seems like this might be something worth focusing on for investigators and those wondering why he shot those people, instead of rushing to blame firearms. Perhaps democrats could look to the real issue of this act, instead of blaming guns before the victims’ bodies are cold.

According to Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, law enforcement identified the shooter early Friday afternoon, and took him into custody, along with a second person detained as a ‘person of interest’ in the case.

Pagourtzis is accused of walking into Santa Fe High School, entering a classroom, and yelling ‘surprise’ before opening fire on the room’s occupants.

According to law enforcement officials, he also attempted to use explosives. The Santa Fe Independent School District said that law enforcement officials were in the process of finding them and rendering them safe.

Allegedly, the ‘person of interest’ helped the shooter to place the explosive devices before he began his assault. Though reports are currently somewhat conflicting, he killed as many as ten people in his rampage.

Sheriff Gonzalez said that the majority of the deceased were students at the school, and that ten others were wounded in the shooting. Among the wounded was a police officer, who was repeatedly shot in the shoulder by Pagourtzis.

According to law enforcement sources, he carried out his violent rampage in Texas with an AR-15 rifle of some sort, a shotgun, and a pistol. Far more revealing than the weapons he carried, though, is his background and what he wore to the shooting.

When he arrived at his school, he was wearing combat boots and a trench coat. The trench coat was covered in strange and atrocious symbols from various ideologies, even a few fictional symbols.

In a post on his Facebook account (which has since been deleted), he showed his ‘duster’ (a slang term for a trench coat, due to how long it is) and the things he decorated it with.

According to his post, the USSR CommunistHammer and Sickle’ emblem on his lapel was meant to represent ‘rebellion.’ That’s a hard connection to make for anyone with any understanding of the history of the USSR.

The USSR put down any rebellion against their communist rule in the cruelest ways possible, including outright starving dissident cities.

On the other lapel, he had a ‘rising sun’ pin, showing the Japanese flag. According to his post, this represented ‘Kamikaze tactics.’

‘Kamikaze,’ a Japanese phrase that means ‘divine wind,’ was also the name of a tactic the Japanese employed during World War II. Japanese pilots would kill themselves (and their aircraft) by ramming them into other aircraft, Navy vessels, and even ground targets of importance.

Japanese infantry would also lead suicide charges against entrenched American infantry positions under these ‘tactics.’

A reference to ‘Kamikaze tactics’ suggests that he was hoping to kill himself to inflict harm upon others.

Over his left breast, he attached an Iron Cross. This was military award issued in Prussia, the German Empire, and by the Third Reich. After World War II, it fell out of common use in Germany, even though it had symbolic history in the nation, due to its association with Nazism.

His post suggested that the medal represented ‘bravery.’

On the flap of the left pocket, he placed a medal of Baphomet. This is an extremely interesting choice, and it appears the medal is based on the original goat pentagram show in the French occult book, La Clef de la Magie Noire.

The crest is commonly now known as the ‘Sigil of Baphomet,’ and was adopted as the official symbol of the Church of Satan in 1969. Pagourtzis claimed (quite correctly) that it represented ‘evil.’

Finally, on the flap of his right pocket was a ‘Cthulu’ emblem. Cthulu is a fictional demonic entity, invented by H.P. Lovecraft. In his works, Cthulu is worshipped by cultists, and is an unholy abomination from beyond the stars. He suggested that the pin represented ‘power.’

Frankly, it seems like all most of these pins represent is that Pagourtzis didn’t understand much of anything.

His Facebook page, before its deletion, featured a Satanic theme, which suggested that he may have held those evil beliefs.

The shirt he wore on his rampage is also interesting. According to witnesses, the shirt was a black shirt, with the words ‘Born to Kill’ across it.

‘Born to Kill’ may be a reference to ‘Natural Born Killers,’ a cult classic film that the Columbine killers watched extensively and often.

It may also be a reference to Stanley Kubrick’s famous film ‘Full Metal Jacket,’ where the phrase was written on the main character’s helmet. Joker wore that helmet, along with a peace-sign pin, allegedly as some sort of commentary on the duality of war, and the strange nature of his presence in Vietnam.

This individual seemed to be attracted to some of the most horrific ideologies in history, and to find something desirable about them.

He had to have some amount of reverence for the Nazis, the Communists, and Satanists, as well as Kamikaze pilots who rammed planes into ships.

Gun control activists are already busy demanding more gun laws because a 17-year-old individual, who cannot legally buy a firearm, went on a rampage. But maybe they should look at his ideologies and his Facebook account?

His social media showed a picture of a frog he squashed with what looked like a pane of glass. It also had a number of pictures referencing satanic mythology, ideology, and religion.

Maybe the problem isn’t firearms at all, as much as gun control activists might not want to hear that.

Maybe the problem is that this kid immersed himself in horrific ideologies like communism and satanism, and it left him with the impression that human life had no intrinsic value.

According to his classmates and friends, he wasn’t particularly bullied. It doesn’t sound like he was doing poorly in school. The school year was almost at an end. It’s hard to understand why he chose to do this.

Hopefully, in the weeks to come, he will provide answers about why he killed his fellow students. Until then, we can only speculate about what impact the ideologies he drenched himself may have had on how he viewed the world.