PUBLISHED: 8:00 PM 1 Feb 2017

Texas Now Hosting Fully-Defended Sanctuary City Against Trump, In The Very Heart Of The State

Texans will not allow this to happen!!

Texans will not allow this to happen!!

Texans will not stand for liberals who seek to protect illegal immigrants in Austin!

“God Bless Texas,” is the proud battle cry of all Texans. If you have been to this rowdy state, you will agree, it is truly blessed. Texans are a unique and fiercely patriotic breed who live in a little “country” unto itself. A staunch Red State, that prides itself on American independence, values and long standing traditions.

The US Constitution is their second bible falling closely behind the Almighty’s divine book. Yet, something is amiss in the very “heart” of Texas. Something evil lurks. And Texans aren’t going to like it.

A newly created “sanctuary” town: Austin.

A new sheriff is in town and she has announced there are going to be some changes. Newly elected Travis County Sheriff  Sally Hernandez is telling “Texans” she is the rule of law now and what she says will be enforced. The problem is Hernandez is declaring the state capital a Sanctuary City where illegal immigrants and refugee terrorists will be protected under her rule.

Wow, this woman must be either completely clueless or has a death wish. Either way, it is not going to fly in Texas.

Elected on the same day as President Trump, this apparent “progressive” sheriff came out political guns brandished saying SHE will defy the newly federally enforced immigration restriction banning those from seven countries infiltrated with terrorist groups, according to The Guardian.

“As local law enforcement officers, we will not interrogate or arrest someone over an unrelated federal immigration matter if they are trying to report a crime. The public must be confident that local law enforcement is focused on local public safety, not on federal immigration enforcement. Our jail cannot be perceived as a holding tank for Ice [Immigration and Customs Enforcement].”

What the hell? If this woman is concerned about the safety of her local citizens and upholding the law then she will ARREST ANYONE caught in violation of the law, state or federal. Someone needs to inform Ms. Hernandez, those in our country and in the state of Texas illegally are breaking the law and are a threat to the community.

There are widespread statistical facts proving the criminal activity of illegal immigrants: drug dealing, robberies and MURDER! And what about sleeper cells of terrorists? Ms. Hernandez if you allow an illegal immigrant to go free, and that individual commits an act of terror such as a suicide bombing, mangling and killing US citizens, you are guilty of “aiding and abetting” that terrorist. Period.

Being Texas, it didn’t take long for someone to call out Hernandez on her reckless violation of her sworn oath of office. That person? Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

“We are going to crack down on this and ban sanctuary cities in Texas,” the Republican governor said according to The Guardian, adding  if Hernandez continues, “we will remove her from office”, he declared.

Abbott told Fox: “What she is doing under her plan, she would give sanctuary to people who are in the United States illegally, who have been convicted of crimes in the past, of heinous crimes like armed robbery; they could have been operating in conjunction with drug cartels, and she would not cooperate with Ice whatsoever.”

“As Sheriff your primary duty is to ensure the safety of the residents of Travis County,” Abbott wrote in a letter to Sheriff Sally Hernandez,  The Guardian report revealed.

The letter goes on to say:

“However, your recent policy directive forbidding Travis County Sherriff’s Office (TCSO) employees from cooperating with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) (except in the most limited of circumstances) betrays your oath and the residents of Travis County. I strongly urge you to reverse that policy before its effective date of February 1, 2017.”

Apparently Austin has been invaded by Progressive Democrats making the Texas capital a battleground for defending Sanctuary Cities from the wrath of Trump and the GOP majority in Congress.

A democrat, Hernandez got the backing of liberal groups and wisely hid her “true” agenda otherwise it is difficult to believe Texan voters would have chose her as their sheriff. But then there are all of those illegals who were allowed to vote in the Presidential election, perhaps some of those ineligible votes spilled over to Hernandez, being on the same ballot, that gave her the win.

Texas state senator Eddie Rodriquez is leading charge to keep illegal immigrants in Austin!!!

Texas state senator Eddie Rodriquez is leading charge to keep illegal immigrants in Austin!!!

One group strongly backing Hernandez is the state Mexican American Legislative Caucus, chaired by liberal Democrat Eddie Rodriguez who openly made fun of  President Trump when he learned the president’s plans to restrict entrance into the US.

“He (Trump) probably can’t do anything like that, but the fact that’s even mentioned on national television is beyond disturbing,” Rodriquez said in the report. Maybe a Texan should give Mr. Rodriquez a copy of their “second” bible, pocket sized. It is certain any Texan on the streets can pull one out.

Rodriquez went on to contemptuously jab Trump adding, “It would be laughable if it wasn’t so damn scary … based on what I’ve seen the president of the United States do in his first week in office, I have no reason any more to think that these things aren’t possible. I want to be proven wrong, in my gut I say: ‘That’s not going to happen,’ but I’ve learned in my many years of politics that you have to take people at their word.”




These progressive traitorous democrats have been eating at the Constitution for decades now, so the infiltration of Austin comes as no great surprise since this how they operate, in the shadows. Relocate thousands of liberals through federal government job “reassignments” and other newly created “businesses” and “foundations” to conservative states like Texas. Slowly overtaking the state, one district at a time.

Populating the state with thousands of “shadow” liberals who campaign on one platform to get elected then once in office,  implement their “true” agenda. It has been happening across the country for decades. No, this usurpation of Austin is a well thought out plan. Hernandez is most likely a “hand-picked” candidate to serve the purpose of this “shadowy” side of the Democratic National Party that put Obama in office.

They may have poked the wrong bear this time. Texans aren’t gentle black bears, they are grizzlies who will fiercely attack back and fight to the death.

God bless these patriots and GOD BLESS TEXAS!!!