Texas Voter Integrity

PUBLISHED: 4:11 PM 8 Sep 2021

Texas Makes Real Voter Integrity Law: No More Dem Cheating For Lone Star State

This is the left's only way to be elected.

Dems Lose!(Source: YouTube Screenshot)

In Texas, the law now prevents democrats from cheating and rigging elections.

The Gateway Pundit explained:

Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Tuesday signed the GOP election integrity bill into law after Democrats fled to DC in a failed stunt.

The law added new ID requirements for mail-in voting and banned some early voting.

Abbott railed against ballot harvesting as he signed the new bill into law.

“Election integrity is now law in the state of Texas,” Abbott said.

At least 60 Democrat members of the state House of Representatives fled Texas to Washington DC to block Republicans from advancing new voting laws through a special session of the legislature.

Democrat lawmakers were seen packed on a private plane, maskless, flying from Texas to DC.

The voting integrity bill was signed into law anyway proving this to be a failed stunt.

The only thing the Democrat lawmakers accomplished was spreading Covid all over DC.

AT LEAST six of the Democrats have tested positive for Covid and spread the virus to White House staffers and Pelosi aides.