Border Wall Coming

PUBLISHED: 4:34 PM 10 Jul 2018
UPDATED: 4:36 PM 10 Jul 2018

Texas Land Owners Get Letters From Government Notifying Them Of Border Wall

More than 200 people have received letters saying their land is going to be surveyed for "tactical infrastructure, such as a border wall."

Texas residents receive letters from government to survey their land for border wall.

South Texas landowners have reportedly received letters from the government informing them that their land is going to be surveyed by the Army Corps of Engineers for “tactical infrastructure, such as a border wall,” according to Zero Hedge. This is the latest indication that President Donald Trump is silently moving to erect the border wall, a cornerstone of his presidential campaign and one of his most supported proposals.

In counties such as Starr, Escobares, and Hidalgo, more than 200 residents have reported that they received letters from U.S. Customs and Border Patrol about their land being surveyed.

Since liberals are going insane over the SCOTUS pick, it almost seems as if the President planned a diversion.

Citizens in Escobares, which borders Mexico at the Rio Grande River, say they have received letters from the Army Corps of Engineers to evaluate their land and how the river might affect a border wall.

Federal officials have also indicated that much of the land along the southern border is not currently being used by the counties, meaning there wouldn’t be any obstacles or construction needed to clear a path for the border wall.

In areas where a person owns the land on the border, the government may have to reach an agreement with the owner to purchase the land.

Districts and states own a bulk of the land along the entire border, but there are some cases in which an individual owns the lot.

The government may have to purchase the land from them, unless there’s either current state or federal law that would allow the government to acquire the land from the state or county.

The southern border is just shy of 2,000 miles, and an actual concrete wall can be used in most areas. However, some areas are blocked by natural barriers such as the Rio Grande River, which wouldn’t have a wall running through it.

Officials have argued that in areas where a natural barrier is located on the border, the government can either place additional agents there and/or build fences that run through to prevent illegals and smugglers from easily infiltrating America.

While liberal lawmakers are doing everything imaginable to block Trump’s wall and allow for open borders, the president is inching closer toward honoring his promise to voters.

Trump vowed to have a border wall to combat illegal immigration, deter smugglers, and prevent drug cartels from having easy access into the country.

Democrats have made it clear they support open borders and stand with millions of illegal criminals, but many Americans are thrilled to see construction on the border wall and plans to have it completely built.

These letters to residents are the latest sign that president is getting closer and closer to having the wall built.