PUBLISHED: 7:48 PM 17 Jul 2017

Texas Joins California As Democrat Congressman Readies Impeachment

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Congressman Al Green (D-Texas) calls for more Articles of Impeachment

Congressional Black Caucus Member Al Green of Texas’ 9th Congressional District (Southwest Houston) has declared that a lack of action from the Judiciary Committee has caused him to seek the filing of additional Articles of Impeachment against President Donald Trump. “The President has to come before the bar of justice, and the only place that that bar of justice exists is the House of Representatives. Each member of the House can file a resolution for impeachment.”

CBC’s Al Green seeks to file impeachment

Could Green be offering a veiled threat? Is Green just the next in line to file and will there be continuous articles filed one after another by Democrat representatives? These are troubling questions that may threaten the republic as there has not yet been any evidence suggesting that Russia pulled off the greatest caper in US History. The Democrats do not seemed to be concerned with finding the truth, only an answer that will suit their needs. The party of obstructionists and resistors continues to keep their blinders on.

Green has co-sponsored Brad Sherman’s (D-Calif.) articles of impeachment for Obstruction of Justice for firing FBI Director James Comey, referring to Trump’s actions as “High Crimes and Misdemeanors.”  The previously filed Articles of Impeachment done by Sherman are an attempt to keep the dialogue open about possible Russian interference in the election. Everyday that passes by, the less and less people believe that Russian hacked the DNC, dispersed their emails through Wikileaks, and therefore manufactured the outcome of the election.

Sherman and Green announced the articles on June 07, 2017, less than 6 months into Donald Trump’s Presidency and yet Green is ready to file again. The two congressmen come from a long line of Democrat obstructionists and seem to be eager to take any spotlight they can get to help keep the pressure off of top Democrats like Pelosi, Schumer, and Sanders.

Al Green’s history as a politician has been anything but clean. He has been accused of sexual assault in 2007 by a woman working in his office who was not interested in his advances. Green then proceeded to harass the woman by mocking her in private and ensuring that she would not get another job in the field. He was also accused of breaking campaign finance laws in a campaign race in 2004 when he failed to disclose the source of a $300,000 donation.  

Members of the CBC meet pose with the Obamas

Members of the CBC meet pose with the Obamas

It seems that the only kind of justice that Green is after, along with many other Democrats, is the kind that only happens to Republicans.  Green is also a member of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) along with Corrine Brown (D-FL), Andre Carson (D-IN), Keith Ellison (D-MN), and both Jesse Jackson (D-IL) and his son, all of whom have incredibly sketchy backgrounds loaded with financial crimes, blackmailing, extortion, and heated racial comments.

The CBC has just recently declined a meeting with President Trump, their reasoning being that they failed to see how a meeting would help them or the policies they advocate for.  It is not surprising to see another congressman taking orders to speak out or obstruct in any way.

The current political sphere in Washington seems to be have each party focused on completely different things.  On one side, you have a party attempting to keep the country on track by regulating and recreating federal and state programs, increasing national security, reversing the debt, and trying to get good healthcare to as many Americans as possible.  On the other side, you have a party focused on stopping the other party at every cost and turn.  

Trump works to ensure his agenda advances

Trump works to ensure his agenda advances

The Republicans might be far from perfect but they are attempting to right the wrongs that took, and are taking, place while their counterparts continue to ramble on about Russian conspiracy theories and their associates in the media fill every hour and program with nothing but obstruct and resist. Attempts to discredit and de-legitimize the President have not yielded since election night. Democrat after Democrat, and the occasional Republican, have gone on air openly insulting and disregarding the President of the United States by calling him foolish, immature, and even plain stupid.

There have been recount efforts, efforts to persuade electoral college voters, and now even articles of impeachment all to stop Donald Trump from carrying out what he thinks would be best for the United States. Democrats like Al Green who believe that they have the duty to enforce justice against the president are hypocrites and projectors, those who despise a trait or characteristic they possess internally and project their hatred toward others who may or may not even possess the same characteristic. For example, if Democrats are guilty of treason and collusion, then they will be the first to vehemently point out others for treason and collusion.

The idea of projecting one’s own faults onto others is not new and can even be compared to homophobia, an irrational fear that manifests itself onto others from possible internal conflicts regarding one’s own sexuality.  Understand that the Democrats might be guilty of the things they accuse the Republicans of doing and then the web will begin to unravel and the spiders in the swamp will have nowhere left to go. Hold the Republicans accountable to hold the Democrats accountable and pursue criminal investigations into those that warrant them, not those whose evidence is severely lacking or nonexistent.